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People & Places

at Uber

We handle all things people-related so our employees around the globe are empowered to do their best work.

Why People & Places at Uber?

Passionate Problem Solvers

Your coworkers are some of the most motivated action-oriented people you'll ever work with.

Big Responsibility

From day one you'll work on high impact projects with appropriate autonomy and trust that you'll deliver great work.

Constant Positive Reinvention

We're committed to doing the right thing at Uber. And we're always thinking about how we can get better.

Meet the team

  • Hannah Jones

    Senior Strategic Initiatives Associate, San Francisco

    What makes Uber a unique place to work?

    The scale of our organization and the diversity of our business presents a lot of interesting challenges that most other companies do not have. Being at the intersection of the digital and physical worlds creates a lot of new challenges. While I don’t work on those challenges directly, our People team creates the environment in which those problems can be solved and cultivates the talent that will solve those problems, which is pretty motivating for me.

    What’s your favorite part of being on the People team?

    Our People team is at an important place in our evolution where we are moving from maturing a lot of what we do to innovating on what we do. We have the added benefit of not having too many big legacy programs like a lot of older companies have so we can make bigger jumps in our innovations if we go for it. There are a lot of complexities in building programs and processes for a workforce as large and diverse as ours, but there is a lot of opportunity to do new and different things too, which is exciting.

    What makes you most proud to work at Uber?

    I think the depth and diversity of our product is really inspiring. Most people don’t understand how much we really offer through our platform, and how much opportunity still exists. The impact we have with our product is incredibly inspiring, particularly when you look across the many countries where we operate. There are places where Uber has changed the quality of people's lives in a fundamental way, which makes me really proud to work here.

  • Perlin Tey

    Director, International Benefits, Singapore

    What makes Uber a unique place to work?

    What I find most unique about Uber is simply, the sky's the limit here. The learning and opportunities at Uber are unprecedented. We empower our people to think beyond constraints and be fearless in change. We change lives for the better. It is truly inspiring to be a part of this revolutionary change.

    What’s your favorite part of being on the People team?

    I love being a part of the People team. What better function than the People team to witness all the extraordinary talent we have in the company! I am constantly amazed at how smart, motivated, tenacious, and passionate our people are. It is truly humbling to work alongside them, to help support their wellbeing, so they can truly focus on growing our business. Our people challenge me to think bigger, to do better every single day.

    What makes you most proud to work at Uber?

    We Change Lives. What we have built at Uber helps transform and improve people's lives in the way they move, eat, ship, and most importantly create income opportunities for millions of lives globally. I am truly proud to be a part of an organization that helps build local community, shape lives, and set the world in motion!


Explore our People & Places teams

Human Resources & Employee Relations

We partner with the business to align people strategies with business goals.


We find, attract, and hire the world’s greatest minds to join Uber.

Strategy, Planning & Analytics

We offer data-driven approaches (Culture Survey, Perf) to help find, develop, and retain people.

People Development

We deliver learning through Uberversity, our onboarding program for new hires, plus specialized training for managers and leaders.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our D&I team advances diversity and inclusion strategies across Uber, while our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) help employees connect and build community.

People Operations

We manage People processes including onboarding, contingent workforce, and the Employee Help Center.


We handle global real estate, space planning, food & beverage, and event planning.

Global Rewards

We build and drive employee rewards programs globally, like benefits and compensation.

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