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Crafting life-changing products and solutions for users from different cultures, backgrounds, and abilities isn’t just a challenge—it’s a calling. Our design team imagines the best potential impact we could make, and then we take a human-centric approach using cutting-edge design principles and technologies to turn it into a reality. Used by millions, the results go far beyond functional to deliver product expereinces that are intuitive, ingenious, and delightful.

A few of our principles

Excerpted from 77 Things, a primer for those who work in Uber Design.

Act responsibly

The work we do has personal and social impact, and once you realize that, your efforts shift to improving people’s lives.

Put design at the center

From concept to launch, we use design as the center of our process to discover what to make, and how to make it together.

Say ‘we’ not ‘me’

Our team of motivated and talented individuals is collectively empowered to build extraordinary things.

Inside Design


Our work

Our work reimagines the way the world moves for the better. Here are case studies that have surprised, delighted, and connected our customers.


Get to know us

Find out how our team has deepened their craft while working at Uber.

  • Alexandre Lima

    Sr UX Researcher

    “What makes Uber Design unique is its strong foundation in research, combined with a spirit of exploration and creativity. Not all companies have a design team that is as data-driven, creative, and test-oriented as Uber, which sets us apart and allows us to create truly people-centered designs.”

  • Hannah Birch

    Sr Content Designer

    "Working on the design team at Uber is like being on a group project in school, except everyone is the smart kid who works really hard. You get to come up with solution to problems people have in some really high-stakes circumstances in the real world."

  • Elizabeth Hayward

    Sr Product Designer

    “Uber Design values the unique skills, experiences, interests, and perspectives of each team member—and encourages actively sharing them. Joining this team from a somewhat unconventional background in motion design, this means I’m learning from an amazing group of experts every day, but also growing as an educator and respected collaborator.”

  • Dylan Wright

    Sr Product Designer

    "I have personally found immense design growth at Uber because of the talented and collaborative team surrounding me. It's a joy to brainstorm, problem solve, and collaborate with designers who wield deep and varied expertise in their product areas!"

  • Mohini Vora

    Sr Design Manager, Rider

    "I've worked at Uber for more than 5 years, and can say there's never a dull moment. On Rider, I get to work on experiences well-loved and familiar to millions of riders, and also innovate on new ways to get around our ever-changing cities, with some of the smartest, most #tripobsessed people I know."

  • Catherine Wang

    Sr Product Designer

    "Our design team is exceptional because of all the individuals with diverse strengths to draw inspiration from. From prototyping to visual design and accessibility, we have a range of subject matter experts who help guide you and work with you to improve any skill you're interested in developing. Even after 4 years, I still continue to learn so much from this team every single day."


Explore our Design teams

  • Our Brand Experience team is responsible for creating an instant and positive emotional connection with our 90 million–plus users and amplifying our company's mission and values.

  • Through great storytelling and carefully executed campaigns, marketing wins over customers and earns their loyalty by helping them get maximum value from our products.

  • A cross-disciplinary team of designers, engineers, researchers, and writers, we create systems, not just screens. We strive to understand the relationships between our digital systems and real-world outcomes.

Reimagine with us