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Simplify Business Travel

Expensing with Uber for Business is effortless – whether your people travel around the world or the block.

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Big Business

Every year, $282 billion is spent on business travel. On average 27% is spent on ground transport.

Easier Ground Travel Management

Uber for Business makes expensing easy for you and your people. Give them the ability to charge your company directly for work-related Uber rides, while putting your T&E policy into action by choosing when and how your employees ride.

  • Travel programs

    Customize Uber for Business with travel programs for different groups within your organization.

  • Save time

    Cut administrative costs with automated expense reporting.

  • Easy connectivity

    Connect your people's Uber for Business rides directly to your accounting system to streamline billing.

  • You have control

    Choose when, where, and in what vehicle your people ride. And, set spend caps to know your costs upfront.

Simplify how your business moves

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