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Step 5: Invite coordinators

To give someone coordinator access, you’ll first need to add them to the Uber for Business account.

1. Add people to the account

You can add people to the business account 2 ways: individually or uploaded in bulk from a spreadsheet.

Adding people individually

Follow the steps in the help article below to individually add people to your account.

Bulk uploading from a spreadsheet

If you need to add more than 10 people, we recommend uploading a spreadsheet (CSV file).

2. Give coordinator access

After adding employees to the business account, you’ll need to add them to a group that has a customer rides program enabled. To do that, follow the 3 steps listed below.

1. Create a coordinator group

Add a group from the People section of your dashboard. Give the group a name and description to differentiate it from other groups (if you plan to create any).

2. Select programs

Select the customer rides program you enabled earlier. This will ensure that the people in this group will have access to Uber Central.

3. Choose coordinators

At the bottom of the group, select “Add people” to choose who should be in the coordinator group to access Uber Central.

Is someone having issues joining?

Need to give a coordinator admin access?

Follow the steps in the article linked below to give someone admin access, so they can update access for others, make changes to the business account, update programs and groups, and more.