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Step 2: Explore the Uber Central dashboard

Become familiar with the Uber Central dashboard, so you can show coordinators how to use it later. The best resources for coordinators learning the dashboard will be the coordinator version of this guide and the Help Center.

Navigating the dashboard

Walk through the basics of using the Uber Central dashboard.

Arranging a ride

Plan guest rides by selecting “New ride” from the Uber Central dashboard.

Understanding ride statuses

Rides will be organized by progress on the left side of the dashboard.

Viewing ride details

Expand ride cards to view driver and vehicle details, trip status, and estimated pickup and dropoff times.

Types of rides you can arrange

Uber Central allows you to arrange 3 types of rides.

Immediate Ride (on-demand)

The trip is requested immediately for the rider. When requesting Immediate Rides, make sure your rider is aware of the ride and ready to be picked up.

Scheduled Ride

A trip is scheduled at a later date and/or time for the rider. They’ll receive text reminders about their upcoming trip.

Flexible Ride

This allows the rider to request the ride when they’re ready. They’ll receive text reminders about their trip, then a link to request the ride.

Arrange a test ride

The best way to become comfortable with arranging rides for others is to practice. Arrange a ride for someone to lunch, a meeting across town, or home after work. The ride won’t be free, but it may be worth the cost to avoid future mistakes using the dashboard.

Already use Uber for Business?

You may need to enable Uber Central to start arranging courtesy rides. See Step 3 for instructions on how to do so. If you don’t need to enable Uber Central, you can move to Step 4.