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How to drive with Uber
To drive using the Uber app, you'll be asked to provide documentation demonstrating you and your vehicle meet minimum requirements. If you don't already hold the authorisations required for ridesharing in New Zealand, you'll need to obtain them. See below for details.

Eligibility requirements

Visit our Get Started page to find out what's required to drive using the Uber app in New Zealand.

Vehicle requirements

For more information on available vehicle options and vehicle requirements in New Zealand, visit our Vehicle Requirements page.

Regulatory requirements

New Zealand regulations require that drivers using the Uber app hold authorisations for ridesharing. To learn more, visit our Get a Licence page.

Hit the road

It's easy to get started

1. Sign up online

Tell us about yourself and your vehicle, if you have one. If you don’t, we may be able to connect you with vehicle solutions providers.

2. Upload documents

We’ll need you to upload some documents to get started, including your driver's licence and vehicle insurance. You can do this online or through your app. Follow the steps here.

3. Get authorised

New Zealand regulations require you to hold a Passenger Endorsement card and get a Certificate of Fitness with Uber’s TSL number in order to drive using the Uber app.

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