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Make pickups at the airport easier with these tips
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Tips for Uber partners


Every week, thousands of passengers order an Uber from this airport. On this page, you can find all relevant information to make your airport pickups as easy as possible.


Collecting riders from the 'A-lane'

It's easy to receive trip requests on Schiphol, if you are aware of some minor differences.

How it works:

  • You can only receive Schiphol trips if you have a dedicated card for the 'A-lane'. You can collict this card after you have received a notification from us.
  • On the P41 Parking area is a staging area where you can wait until the app indicates that you can start driving towards the 'A-lane'.
  • Collect your riders from the 'A-lane' and help them with their luggage. Due to arrangements with the airport, we ask you to be mindful to never wait on the 'A-lane' for longer than 10 minutes.

Tip: Always check the name of the rider before starting the trip.

Virtual waiting queue


Uber partners are eligible for the queue as soon when in the blue area. In the red areas, it will not be possible to receive an Uber trip.

Mind you: It's not possible to receive trips in the inner area of the airport (near Texaco, on the Pelikaanweg etc.) or near Departures. Did you drop off a rider at Departures? We advise you to drive towards P41 in order to be eligible to receive a new trip request.

The 'A-lane' is located in front of Schiphol Plaza. You can reach the 'A-lane' by driving towards the taxi ranks that pass under the Ceintuurbaan. Under the bride, turn left and enter through the leftmost gate.

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