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About the event

To strengthen the collaboration on the challenges we encounter towards having a sustainable and inclusive urban development, Uber will hold the second edition of its "Cities in Motion" forum in Mexico. This forum, done in collaboration with the international news agency EFE, will be a space for dialogue on the most relevant issues for our cities and their inhabitants.

"Cities in Motion" brings together national and international specialists, opinion leaders, and authorities to analyze the current scenario, the challenges, and the perspectives that innovation and technology offer us. All of this while we look to build more sustainable and inclusive cities that enhance opportunities and quality of life.


September 27, 2002.
Centro Cultural Estación Indianillas

Panel 1 | Transforming Mobility Together: Public and Private Alliances

09:00 am - 10:15 am

Panel 2 | The Future of Delivery: The Rise of Local E-Commerce

10:30 am - 11:45 am

Panel 3 | Violence Against Women, Public Policy and Technology

12:00 pm - 1:15 pm

Panel 4 | Digital Platforms and the Future of Work: The International Experience

2:30 pm - 3:45 pm

Panel 5 | Digital Platforms and the Future of Work: Building a Solution for Mexico

04:00 pm - 5:15 pm


Panel #1

Transforming mobility together: public and private alliances

We live in an age of collaboration. With this in mind, we want to bring government officials, industry specialists, and stakeholders to talk about ways in which they can face current mobility challenges by bridging a long-standing gap that can no longer exist.

Panel #2

The future of Delivery: the rise of local e-commerce

Technology and e-commerce are being considered a path for entrepreneurship and local businesses' empowerment, which are still exploring how it can be a powerful ally to achieve their goals and discover new ways to unlock economic opportunities.

Panel #3

Violence Against Women, public policy and technology

Gender-based violence against women throughout the region is, undoubtedly and justifiably, one of the priorities of current public life. How can technology and the private sector contribute to the design or implementation of more successful programs for these objectives?

Panel #4

Digital platforms and the future of work: the international experience

After the arrival of the gig economy platforms, there has been an international debate about how independent work should fit into the regulatory frameworks. Workers value flexibility and want benefits but traditional models have some difficulties.

Panel #5:

Digital platforms and the future of work: building a solution for Mexico

It is estimated that half a million people today are generating income through delivery and mobility platforms in Mexico. As we look for a path that gives them more benefits and protections, listening to their voices is crucial to create an inclusive regulation that benefits them.

Frequently asked questions

  • If you wish to attend the event in person you will be able to do so by filling the registration form in this website. The event will be on Centro Cultural Estación Indianilla. However, we will also have a live stream available in the website of the entire event.

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  • Inside this web page, you will find a page for each panel, where you will be able to find a profile for each panelist and moderator.