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How to do your VAT registration

You may need a VAT registration when your turnover from activities exceeds the VAT registration threshold.

If you’re new to VAT, this page walks you through the basics of the registration process. Expect the registration to take 3 to 5 days.

Consult a tax advisor for more details on criteria and requirements that apply to you.

Read in Lithuanian.

What your registration entails

Criteria and Requirements

Register for VAT if your last annual turnover exceeds 45.000 EUR during last 12 month. If your turnover does not exceed this threshold, registration is not obliged, but you can apply for a registration voluntarily.

To apply for a VAT registration, the following documents have to be submitted per Partner Driver type:

  • Sole proprietor: form FR0389
  • Partnership (MB) and enterprise (UAB): form FR0388

More information can be found on this tax authority website

We strongly recommend you speak with a tax professional. Here are a few suggestions:

Uber Profile

Be sure to provide us with a valid VAT-number (by adding it to your Tax Profile / Invoice Settings page) and to update your tax profile in the Uber App.