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Make the most of your time on the road on the platform with the active riders.


Drive and Earn flexibly


Get always-on support

You can get support when you need it.

Drive efficiently

Routing is optimized using Korea’s first-class navigation service, TMAP.

How the Uber Taxi driver app works

The Uber Taxi driver app helps you earn smarter with real-time information. Easy to use and reliable, the app now supports you at every turn. Here’s how it works.

  • 上线

    The Uber Taxi driver app is always available. So whenever you’re ready to drive, open the app and tap GO

  • Accepting trip requests

    Once online, you’ll automatically begin to receive requests in your area. Your phone will sound. Tap to accept.

  • Getting turn-by-turn directions


  • Earning with every trip


  • Providing feedback

    Riders and drivers will be asked to use the rating system on every trip.



  • If you’re having trouble logging in, please follow these steps:

    • If you haven’t registered with your driver account, go to sign up to drive using Uber Taxi.
    • Double-check that you entered the correct login information
    • Please check whether international calls are blocked and spam message box settings

    You can switch to online status if you meet all of the following conditions:

    • The necessary documents must be submitted and approved. You can check the submitted documents in the Documents section of Uber Taxi Driver app. If you see the words “requires confirmation,” “pending,” or “recommendation of the next step,” it means that the documents have not been approved yet.
    • If you receive a [Show Uber Taxi app on top] notification, you should select the notification and agree to Settings > Search for Uber Taxi driver apps > Display over other apps. If a notification [Click here to start] appears, please select the online training video on the screen and complete it in order to start driving with Uber Taxi.

    If you’ve checked everything and still have trouble logging in, please reach out to us using the link below. We’ll quickly check and help you.

  • Uber Taxi’s operating proceeds are settled weekly as follows:

    • Proceeds settlement: Monday at 4am; next Monday at 4am for operations completed by 4am.
    • Proceeds due: These will be deposited into your account between Tuesday and Friday of next week. (There may be delays in deposits for each bank you use.)

    If last week’s proceeds haven’t been paid after the due date, please reach out to us at the link below. We’ll quickly check and help you.

  • There may be situations when app payments and in-person payments are duplicated. In this case, you can refund the duplicated charges to the rider. Please proceed with the refund through the link below. (If you’ve accessed the link below but can’t see the trip you’re looking for, be sure to log in first.

  • When a vehicle passes through a toll gate, the toll is automatically added to the passenger’s fare through Uber Taxi’s location-based technology. Therefore, when entering the fare in the app, only enter the “meter fare” correctly.

    If you had any problems with the toll, please reach out to us through the link below.

  • If you sign up and become an Uber Taxi driver now, we’re supporting new education expenses, vehicle wrapping, and installation of head lamps.

    In addition, we strive to improve drivers’ profits by providing various promotions.

    If you want to drive on the Uber Taxi platform, please fill out this application form and submit it. After reviewing it, our team will contact you. If you have any questions, our team can explain in detail. You can start driving after completing preliminary preparations such as writing a contract and completing training.

    The application form differs from the signup contract, and you need to complete the contract to become an Uber Taxi driver. Please feel free to contact us.