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Our marketing team has the best job in the world, revving up the excitement and attention around Uber’s products, services, and initiatives. Dedicated creative strategists, digital gurus, production wizards, brand experts, and consumer researchers, we’re customer champions at heart, keeping their needs front and center as we craft narratives, campaigns, and experiences designed to engage, inspire, and showcase the impact and connections Uber creates.

Inside Marketing

  • On the job with Lindsey Wilder, Product Marketing Manager

    At Uber, Product Marketers bridge the gap between product managers and corporate marketing to help bring what’s new to life for users worldwide.

  • 优步的独特之处


  • Life at Uber

    At Uber we're constantly reimagining the way the world moves. We love going after the big problems and seizing the opportunities that come with challenging work. This means we sometimes have to make trade-offs and deal with difficult decisions that must be made. But it also means that here you will have an incredible opportunity to learn and grow. We encourage you to learn by doing and drive the kind of growth that best fits you.

  • Our B2B Marketing Head on how to lead while learning

    Michelle Lisowski shares insights from a diverse career in big tech and start-ups, what excites her about the Uber brand, and how she views building the B2B team.

  • Uber values

    At Uber we’re reimagining the way the world moves for the better. We are helping people go anywhere and get anything. And we do it on a global scale, at the speed of now.


Explore our Marketing teams

  • We highlight the power of Uber’s platform for businesses of all types. A truly global team, we support Uber for Business, Transit, Merchants and Freight via product marketing, performance, content, and regional demand generation.

  • Through the lens of our brand and culture, we define brand positioning and vision, and create integrated marketing campaigns that connect with customers and drive engagement and brand preference.

  • The Creative team is our award-winning in-house agency that tells stories across all channels to demonstrate how Uber enriches lives and connects people to all the things, places, and people they love.

  • The Creative Production team is built much like a production studio to create meaningful expressions of our brand through video, photo, and digital mediums. From producing documentary-style films to integrated campaigns, activations, product launches, and everything in between, we are the creative engine for storytelling.

  • CRM is where user relationships, loyalty, and brand value are built through marketing strategies and activities. We allow Uber to develop long-term relationships with established and new customers, all while helping streamline business performance.

  • We blend world-class research and business strategy to push Uber forward and find undiscovered ways to unlock Uber’s fullest potential. By acting as objective truth-seekers, our team champions the needs of Uber’s customers, challenges organizational assumptions, and provides data-driven recommendations to grow Uber’s business.

  • We deliver world-class research and data science to push Uber forward and find ways to unlock Uber’s fullest potential. By acting as objective truth-seekers, our team champions the needs of Uber’s customers, challenges assumptions, and provides data-driven recommendations to build great marketing communications, grow Uber’s business, and measure marketing impact.

  • Marketing Operations is the backbone of marketing and focused on aligning people, process and tools to allow core marketing functions to deliver their best work. Working in close partnership with marketing leadership, we’re responsible for establishing clear plans and priorities, long-term process and governance, the right marketing tools ecosystem and alignment of cross-functional teams.

  • At Uber, Product Marketers occupy the intersection of product development and marketing strategy. Product Marketing serves as the voice of the customer across all aspects of the business to ensure the products that Uber builds are globally relevant, and launches marketing campaigns to drive adoption and impact.

  • The Performance Marketing team develops and executes against data-driven marketing strategies to deliver growth and efficiency at scale for Uber. We are made up of media strategists, channel managers, and social media managers who are obsessed with getting the right message to the right customer at the right time in service of driving demand for our products.

  • The global Social team is a nimble internal team that lives and breathes all social channels, who prioritizes output, community engagement, conversation, and connecting Uber to culture. We run our social effort like a newsroom: culture “reporters” with “story assignments” who are producers and content masters, who are scrappy and creative, and who spiritedly engage with our communities. We connect Uber to what customers value everyday.


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