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Japan is our fastest-growing market in the world, and it’s only the beginning. Our growing 300 person Tokyo-based team is changing the way people and things move for millions across Japan, with headquarters on the 31st floor of Mori Tower in Roppongi with breathtaking city views, modern facilities, and uniquely Uber amenities.




  • 走出地球!Uber Eats 优食首次将餐点送上太空

    我们很自豪地分享一则消息:Uber Eats 优食实现了史上首次太空送餐。将全球业务范围拓展到太空是我们长期以来的梦想,我们很高兴能够参与一小段历史进程。我们与企业家兼外卖超级粉丝前泽友作 (Yusaku Maezawa) 携手合作,亲手为国际空间站的宇航员送上了心爱的即食日本罐头。

  • 优步的独特之处


  • 了解优步总经理

    优步总经理要负责方法方方面面的工作,包括商业战略、市场营销、法务等。阅读我们与 Uber Eats 优食亚太地区总经理 Saskia de Jongh 的对话,进一步了解她的职责、她在工作中如何确定优先次序,以及您也应该加入这支团队的原因。

  • 团队成员介绍:日本派送业务和出行服务




  • Genny Yang


    “日本的独特商业挑战让我每天都兴奋不已。 在尝试通过推动行为变革来扩大服务种类的同时,我们还需要超越竞争对手,并保持我们作为业界领导者的地位。每一天都充满激情!”

  • Shiro Yamanaka

    Japan Mobility 总经理


  • Masanori Tokumoto



  • Tetsu Kikuchi

    Japan Delivery 客户经理



  • The Business Development team works on some of the biggest and most impactful charters at Uber including Consumer, Membership, Payments, Travel, Supply and Sustainability partnerships. We are at the core of business strategy, giving you the chance to work with global and cross functional stakeholders.

    As a team member, you will #SeetheForestandtheTrees by understanding the big picture of partner selection, the strategic importance of a deal and the impact it will drive for Uber and the partner.

  • Since Uber’s launch in Asia Pacific nearly 10 years ago, we have seen some big changes in the way we communicate. The Communications team helps Uber tell the big stories. We started with an aggressive growth agenda and while we still have many new customers to reach, we are now focusing on sustainable growth and becoming a trusted partner of governments in the region.

    Our work and Uber’s reputation are intimately linked so we aspire to #DoTheRightThing. Our team approaches issues with a progressive and multifocal lense to ensure we #SeeTheForestAndTheTrees.

  • Community Operations is the heart and soul of our #BuildWithHeart approach at Uber. We work with customers, earners on the platform and partners at enormous scale. Community Operations helps operationalise every new and existing product and idea that Uber comes up with. It’s an organisation that touches every part of Uber.

  • From humble beginnings of ‘push a button to get a ride’ to now ‘go anywhere and get anything delivered’, Engineers are at the forefront of technical connectivity and innovation between enterprise partner systems and Uber. We look for talent that can bring our strategies to life and transform them into scalable solutions to maximize the potential of the ordering experience with Uber.

    We are #OneUber. We work together to achieve and celebrate our progress as a unit. Together we build stronger, together we build bigger, together we build better.

  • The Finance team is at the forefront of decision-making when it comes to new investments and product launches at Uber. We sit at the center of the business, partnering with leadership to support our strategy of making life easier for our millions of customers and allowing hundreds of thousands of drivers partners, courtier partners and merchants to make money. We need to understand every area of the business and how it rolls into the P&L. We #SeeTheForestAndTheTrees by knowing the details that matter.

  • Over the last 10 years in Asia Pacific, we have seen an evolution of legal and regulatory challenges. From being a start-up bringing our service into new countries and cities, we're now focused on working closely with regulators and partnering with them to build a stronger and more sustainable ecosystem for Uber. We face some of the most complex and high profile legal issues in the world. No day is the same, and the legal issues we tackle are just as varied.

    We #SeetheForestandtheTrees by being able to know the details and the technical legal issues while also keeping in mind the bigger picture and what the business is trying to achieve will ensure you're a strong legal partner for the business.

  • Keen to work with the best marketing minds in the region on the biggest consumer opportunities? Look no further than Uber. We’ve come a long way over the last 10 years, from small beginnings launching Uber Black in Sydney, democratising rideshare with UberX around the region… all the way through to launching the brilliant food delivery brand with Uber Eats from Taiwan to Tokyo. Our eyes are firmly set on the future, reimagining the way the world moves for the better every single day.

    We #BuildWithHeart. Everything we do is to surprise and delight our users. If you are a go-getter, a fast-moving builder who isn’t afraid to get your hands dirty while managing complex consumer challenges, now is the perfect time to join.

  • The Operations team at Uber develops and operationalizes strategies that help us achieve our business goals. They work at scale across regions on key challenges and initiatives to deliver value and great experiences to our eaters, riders, and driver-partners.

  • Public Policy at Uber is transformative. The Public Policy team engages policy makers and stakeholders around the world to advocate for the future of mobility and delivery and to demonstrate our value to cities.

    We are #OneUber, we work together to achieve and celebrate our progress as a unit. Together we build stronger, together we build bigger, together we build better.

  • We believe that our people are the secret to our success. As we grow, scale and diversify our business across APAC, you will be instrumental in partnering with the business to build a world class-employee experience. You will be building end-to-end solutions to meet unique business needs. Uber is fast paced, and this means every role in the people team is exciting and challenging.

    Our people team are at the core of our #BuildWithHeart value, ensuring that we are enabling a compelling employee experience. We combine this with an ability to #SeeTheForestAndTheTrees, helping our people and business to thrive now, while planning for, and enabling, future growth.

  • As Uber continues to grow, the Safety team needs to scale with it. From an initial focus on Mobility, to the ever expanding focus on Delivery and other growth bets, we support the continued safe and sustainable growth of Uber's operations. We do impactful and innovative work that will influence safety for the millions of users on our platform and set the standard for the industry.

    #StandforSafety is our core value and delivering on safety is crucial to the long term success of Uber.

  • Our Sales team is the face of Uber helping earners and companies everywhere unlock growth opportunities, drive product direction, and influence industry change. They carefully nurture relationships and grow those opportunities.


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