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Work with an amazing team that is responsible for the infrastructure software that makes Uber’s data centers around the world extremely reliable and scalable. We’ve built the foundation of a highly cohesive, loosely coupled service-oriented architecture that is going to propel us into the next 100x growth levels - which will come pretty soon, considering that we’re doubling in size every six months. If you want to solve the toughest engineering challenges alongside some of the smartest people in the industry, Uber is the right place for you.

Meet Steffen | Engineering Director

Steffen manages the Compute and Storage Infrastructure teams at Uber. He spends his time thinking about efficiently distributing Compute jobs across Uber's data centers and making storage systems highly reliable and horizontally scalable, while keeping a growing team healthy and happy. Prior to Uber, Steffen worked at VMware, Sun Microsystems, several startups, and wrote lots of garbage collector code, including the first several versions of Sun’s JVM. Steffen holds an MS in Computer Science from Aarhus University, Denmark.

Meet Markus | Software Engineer

Markus is on the Storage Platform team at Uber. He spends his time coding on the management software that enables engineers to scale storage systems to thousands of nodes by automating all of the operational tasks across Uber's data centers. Markus has an MS in IT Product Development from Aarhus University, Denmark.

Meet Lasse | Senior Software Engineer

Lasse is an engineer on the Compute Platform team where he has worked on the UI for the μDeploy system since its inception. He loves the challenges of building interfaces that make large distributed systems safe and easy to use for his engineering colleagues. Before joining Uber, Lasse worked at VMware on the vSphere and vCloud products. He holds an MS in Information Studies from Aarhus University, Denmark.

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Manager, Engineering

Uber is looking for an experienced Engineering Manager to lead a team within our Core Infrastructure group. As a manager within Infrastructure you will have a significant impact on the evolution of Uber's backend teams and architecture.

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Staff Software Engineer

Staff engineers at Uber have a deep impact across a wide variety of business and technology decisions spanning multiple projects and locations. They are passionate and pragmatic technologists who are able to design scalable systems while delivering efficient code. They are not only collaborative role models, but also approachable thought leaders within a larger group. They are humble teachers, technically mentoring a team of talented engineers while also executing on delivering uniquely challenging projects.

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Software Engineer - Backend

We’re building cross-datacenter, multi-master systems scaling across thousands of nodes. In particular, the Denmark team focuses on Compute systems managing placement and upgrade of compute jobs, and Storage systems for large NoSQL clusters. Petabytes of data, self healing and automatic scaling are just a few of the challenges you will be presented with. We focus on building fault-tolerant, durable and scalable systems that reduce the need for manual operations.

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Software Engineer - Frontend

The Core Infrastructure team is creating systems for consumption by all the other engineering teams at Uber. Our frontend developers build the customer facing part of these systems.

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