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為你介紹 Uber Eats Pro

我們很高興為你介紹 Uber Eats Pro,這項全新獎賞計劃可助你在平台內外實現目標。每次完成行程均可賺取積分,迎接精彩獎賞。受其他條款約束。¹

Get more from delivering

With Uber Eats Pro, you have the opportunity to unlock new rewards as you reach higher status. Additional terms apply.¹ Rewards could include:

Your tuition, covered

Get 100% tuition coverage² at Arizona State University Online for you or an eligible family member toward an undergraduate degree or courses in entrepreneurship or English.

Discounted car maintenance

Save as much as 25% on car maintenance if you sign up for CarAdvise. Search and compare prices at more than 20,000 shops to find a discounted deal.

More cash back on gas

Unlock up to 5% cash back at any gas station when you use the Uber Visa Debit Card.³



完成 Uber Eats 送餐行程,即可賺取積分。部分行程可賺取更多積分。


In addition to earning points, you can unlock more rewards by keeping your satisfaction rating from restaurants and customers at or above 95%.




每次完成送餐可賺取 1 個積分

中午 12 時至下午 2 時的午飯時間內送餐可賺取 2 個積分

下午 5 時至 9 時的晚飯時間內送餐可賺取 6 個積分


When you earn points and maintain at least a 95% rating from restaurants and your customers, you can unlock Gold, Platinum, and Diamond status and continue receiving rewards.


You earn points during fixed one-month periods. Points reset after each calendar month.

When you earn enough points to unlock the next level of reward, you can start enjoying your new rewards right away. Keep your ratings by restaurants and customers and your points high to maintain your Gold, Platinum, or Diamond status and continue enjoying rewards until the end of the following month.

Built for and tested by couriers

Your feedback will help us shape Uber Eats Pro. This program may change as we make improvements before expanding Uber Eats Pro.


  • 計劃目前尚在測試階段,並由不同地點的指定用戶試用。請查看司機夥伴 App 以了解適用的地區。

  • 你可以定期按月賺取積分。積分會在每個公曆月後重設。

    累積升級所需的積分後,即可開始享受全新獎賞。只要保持良好的餐廳和顧客評分,並賺取足夠積分以維持 Gold (金級)、Platinum (白金級) 或 Diamond (鑽石級) 資格,你便可在下個月底前繼續享受獎賞。

  • 如果你同時是 Uber 司機夥伴,你可能符合資格參與 Uber Pro 而不是 Uber Eats Pro。請在這裡查看計劃詳情。

¹計劃獎賞視乎地點而定,並可隨時變更。請在 App 內查看現有優惠。本頁所述的獎賞未必適用於所有提供 Uber Eats Pro 計劃的城市。對於第三方提供的優惠、產品和/或服務,Uber 概不負責。詳情請參閱條款及細則