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Your trust is important to us

Uber's Privacy Principles

When you use Uber’s services, you trust us with your personal data. We’re committed to keeping that trust, and that starts with helping you understand our privacy practices. Our Privacy Principles set the foundation for how we approach privacy at Uber.

We do the right thing with data.

Responsible data management is a prerequisite for continuous innovation. We maintain the value of personal data for Uber and our users by handling data as users expect, keeping it accurate and complete, and properly destroying it when it is no longer needed. This improves our products, earns and keeps our users’ trust, and differentiates us in the market.

We build privacy into our products from start to finish.

Privacy is an important component for building world-class products and services, from inception to rollout and beyond. Performing privacy reviews on new and changed products, technologies, and services makes sure they fulfill users’ expectations and forms the bedrock of an exceptional customer experience. This is called “privacy-by-design.”

We collect only what we need.

We have a specific objective in mind when collecting, using, or handling personal data that is consistent with our objectives and values. We collect and use only the amount of personal data we need for approved and lawful purposes.

We are transparent about our data practices.

We are forthright about the personal data we collect and how we’re using and sharing it. We do what we say.

We give users choices about their data.

We give users clear choices about their privacy and controls that are easy to use so that they can manage their data.

We safeguard personal data.

We provide reasonable and appropriate safeguards to prevent loss, and unauthorized use or disclosure, of personal data.

Take control of your privacy

Visit Privacy Center to make choices about how we use your data, explore privacy products and manage your privacy settings.

How we use your information

Uber puts transportation, food delivery, and other services at your fingertips. Understanding what data we collect and how we use it should be just as easy.

Our Privacy Notice describes the information we collect, how it is used and shared, and your choices regarding this information.

For your convenience, we're providing a summary of the data we collect and how we use it. You can also download an expanded version of this chart.

How we use your information
Data we collect (scroll to view more) ->

User profile

User content

Demographic data

Location data

Transaction data

Usage data

Device data


Other data

How we use it

Name, email, address info, etc.

Ratings, feedback, customer support.

Collected from user profile, surveys.

Location data from users devices.

Services provided, amount billed, etc.

Access time, app features used, etc.

Hardware model, IP address, OS, etc.

Data about in-app calls and messages.

Referrals, claims, Uber partners, etc.

To provide our services

This includes creating, updating and personalizing accounts, enabling our services and features, processing payments, tracking rides and deliveries, and performing internal operations necessary for our services.


For safety and security

This includes verifying users' identity and eligibility to provide services, identifying unsafe behavior, preventing and detecting fraud, enforcing our community guidelines, and reporting safety incidents.


For customer support

This includes investigating and addressing user concerns, and monitoring and improving our support processes.


For non-marketing communications

This includes sending receipts and updates regarding our services or user agreements.


To enable communications between users

This includes enabling users to call or message each other through Uber apps.


For marketing

This includes promotion of Uber services, promotion of Uber partners, and informing users of relevant political processes.


For research and development

This includes research, development, testing, and analysis related to developing and enhancing our services.


For automated decision making

This includes Dynamic Pricing, user matching, ratings calculation and deactivation, and fraud detection.


For legal proceedings and requirements

This includes investigating and addressing claims/disputes, and satisfying legal requirements.


Questions from our customers

  • How does Uber use my location information?

    Uber helps you get where you want to go. This means that location information is essential to our services. We use it to help riders and drivers find each other, determine the best routes, enable users to track their progress and share their trip status with friends, develop new features and services, enhance safety and security, and for other purposes described in our Privacy Notice.

  • Does Uber share my information with anyone?

    Some of Uber’s products, services, and features involve sharing information with other users. For example, when you request a ride, the location of your pickup and dropoff points are shared with a driver. We may also share information at your request, such as when you want to share your trip status with family and friends. We may also share your information with our affiliates, subsidiaries, and business partners, or for legal reasons or in the event of a dispute.

    See our Privacy Notice for more details.

  • Does Uber sell or share my information to third parties for their direct marketing?

    No. Uber does not sell or share your personal data to third parties for their direct marketing, except with your consent.

  • How long does Uber keep my information?

    We retain user profile and transaction information for as long as you maintain your Uber account. For drivers and delivery partners, we also retain vehicle and background check information (to the extent permitted by law) for as long as they maintain their Uber account.

  • What happens to my information if I delete my account?

    If you delete your account, Uber retains location, device, and usage data for as long as necessary to provide services and comply with applicable laws. For example, we retain such data for regulatory, tax, insurance, litigation, and other legal requirements for a minimum of 7 years. We may also use such information for purposes of safety, account security, fraud prevention and detection, and research and development during this retention period.

  • How do I request a copy of my data?

    You can request a copy of your data here (login required). The process to create your archive usually takes a couple of days. You can learn more here about the type of data included.

  • How do I submit a question to Uber’s Data Protection Officer (DPO), and what is their role?

    Uber’s DPO is responsible for guiding our compliance with data protection regulation in the EU. They’re the point of contact for European privacy regulators and questions and concerns from our users about data privacy.

    If you have additional questions about your personal data after reading our FAQ, you may contact our DPO by submitting a request through this form.


To learn more, refer to Uber's Privacy Notice