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Tracking your earnings in Ghana

Understanding your earnings can help you plan your day. The app has tools that can help you keep track of your earnings, see totals in real time, get details about a specific trip, compare weeks, and more.

Payments and earnings

All partners are paid weekly. Payments are deposited automatically via direct deposit, and partners receive a statement showing their earnings for each trip that week. Remember - there is no joining fee to start with Uber!

Service Fee

Uber charges partners 20% fee on all fares.

This fee covers:

  • The use of Uber software
  • Collection and transfer of fares
  • Credit card commission
  • Distribution of invoices to clients

Payment statement

The payment statement includes information such as:

  • Fares for cash trips completed
  • Fares for card trips trips completed
  • Miscellaneous payments
  • Trip adjustments

Get started

  • 1. Upload banking details

    Payments are transferred directly into the partners bank account. As soon as your profile is active, please make sure to upload our banking details in order for us to process the payment.

  • 2. Monday is payment day

    Payments are made Mondays. Weekly payment cycles run from Monday 4AM - Monday 3:59AM.

  • 3. Receiving payment

    Payments usually reflect by Thursday evenings. Some weeks there might be delays due to public holidays.


Service fee payments: how it works

Settling your service fee payment is easier with the introduction of the new payment system, Direct Pay Online (DPO). With DPO, you’ll be able to pay your service fees on a weekly basis using MTN Mobile Money or bank transfer Your service fee payment makes it possible for Uber to continue investing in world-class technology, customer support and marketing to help you grow your earnings opportunities through the app.

*If the service fee amount is not settled, you might lose access to the Uber App until the outstanding amount is settled. This is done to help you from building up a high outstanding service fee balance.

1. Top-up your account

When your account has a negative balance you will be able to use the Direct Pay Online to top up your account balance.

2. Make the payment

Simply click on the link to make payment via MTN Mobile money or direct bank deposit.

How to manage your service fees

Your Account BalanceWhat you need to doAction from Uber
More than GHS 0Make sure your banking details are up to date so Uber can pay youUber pays you
Between GHS 0 and GHS 150Make a top-up payment when you canNo action
Between GHS 150 and GHS 250Make a top-up payment urgently to make sure your account is not blockedUber sends you a top-up reminder
Less than GHS 250You must make a top-up payment for your account to be reactivatedYour account is blocked

Questions from drivers

  • Uber charges a service fee for trips made through the app to help fund our platform's operations and to support innovation that enables us to serve more people.

  • You can see a quick earnings overview at the top of the app. You can tap your earning cards and swipe right and left to see your daily and weekly earnings at a glance. You can also get more details in the Earnings section of the app.

  • During certain busy times, surge may appear on the map as red, orange, and yellow. To earn fares with surge rates, drive to the colored areas, stay online, and accept your next trip. Surge amounts will be applied once you complete your surge trip.

  • Trip earnings = Total amount paid by riders on your trip - Uber commission (the commission is 25% of total fares). This includes:

    a) Trip breakdown fare = total fares paid by riders

    b) Breakdown surge = additional revenue earned from an increase in prices caused by surge (when there is more demand than supply)

    c) Tolls = Tolls paid in special venues (e.g., malls, airports)

    d) Uber fee = Uber commission, which is deducted from the sum of A-B


    Miscellaneous earnings earned this week from incentives and reimbursements (likely to be zero)


    Miscellaneous payments owed to Uber (e.g., pre-paid background check fees)


    Cash collected


    Net bank deposit

    If the net bank deposit is positive, Uber will deposit your cash into the account on the following Thursday. If it is negative, then we will withdraw the money from the credit or debit card you have registered with us your Uber application.

  • If you believe that the fares collected are incorrect, go to your trip section of your application by clicking the menu on the left.

    Select the specific trip that you believe has the wrong fare. Click need help --> fare issues. The issue will be resolved in maximum three weeks and credited to your next payment statement. Unfortunately, the local team does not have the ability to change your earnings.

  • The payment process will be open 7 days a week, meaning that you can pay your account at any time in the week.

  • Uber gives you the flexibility to pay any amount at any time. However, you must keep you account arrears balance below GHS 150 per driver or your account will be blocked.

  • Please reach out to Direct Pay Online for help making a payment at

  • It may take up to 48hours for your service fee payment to reflect in the app. However, it is usually faster.

  • Yes, Uber will send you a helpful email, SMS, & in-app message when you need to make a payment to reduce your service fee arrears.

  • Uber gives you the flexibility to pay any amount at any time. However, you must keep you account arrears balance below GHS 150 per driver or your account will be blocked.

  • If your account has been deactivated you will need to make payments until your account balance is above GHS 150 per vehicle/driver.

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