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Fraud activities

Our platform relies on the trust of the riders and the drivers who use it. That's why we are always on the lookout for fraud among passengers and drivers trying to misuse our systems and affecting the community at large.

Uber uses software to detect accounts that might be engaging in fraudulent activity. Then, a specialised team manually reviews each case before deciding if fraudulent activity has taken place.

Uber ensures that all cases are treated with utmost fairness through all stages which include fraud detection, decision review, and loss of access to the Uber App.

While Uber may sometimes use automated processes for fraud detection, decisions are only taken following human review by Uber staff, and no account is ever deactivated automatically.

Fraudulent activities that can ultimately lead to the loss of your account include:

Deliberately increasing the time or distance of a trip in a dishonest manner

(for example by taking a much longer route than necessary to the passenger’s destination).

Manipulating the GPS data or using fake location GPS apps

Confirming trips with no intention of completing them, forcing passengers to cancel

Creating false driver or rider accounts for fraudulent purposes

Providing incorrect or inaccurate information about themselves when opening their account

Driving a vehicle that has not been approved by Uber

Claiming fraudulent fees or charges, such as unwarranted cleaning fees

Willfully confirming or completing fraudulent trips

We will notify you if we detect fraudulent behaviour on your account, explaining the activity that we have detected. Engaging in fraudulent activities, even once, can lead to permanent deactivation from the platform. Normally you will receive up to 2 warnings before this happens, but this depends on the severity of the situation. You will always have the reason for your deactivation laid out in the notice.

If you disagree with the deactivation, please contact us via the app and we’ll review your case. If a valid reason is found after the review, the account will be permanently deactivated and no other opportunity for appeal will be granted.

We continue to review our processes to ensure that we are fair to all parties and these guidelines may change from time to time.