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The Edmonton Greenlight Hub will be closed on Monday, November 11. Have questions? Visit for support.


Drive in Edmonton

Edmonton needs drivers like you. Thousands of riders request Uber every day— use your vehicle to cash in on the action.

Sign up for an Uber partner account

Make sure you've signed up for an Uber partner account. You must be at least 21 years of age.

Understand the vehicle requirements

Your vehicle must meet the requirements to drive with Uber in Edmonton. Check if your vehicle is qualified.

Get your Class 4 licence

All partners on the Uber platform in Edmonton are required to carry a valid Class 1, 2, or 4 licence. Already have one? Read on.

Get a Class 1-55 Vehicle Registration & upload documents

Head to any Alberta registry and get a Class 1-55 Vehicle Registration. Then, upload clear photos of your driver's licence, proof of work eligibility (i.e. birth certificate, passport, permanent residency card, etc), new vehicle registration, and insurance to your profile.

Get a 3-year driver abstract

Head to any Alberta registry and get a 3-year driver abstract. Once you receive your abstract, head over to the Edmonton Greenlight Hub with your abstract to complete your background screening.

Complete a background screen

Visit us at the Greenlight Hub (10180 105st NW) to complete an EPS background screen. All partners must have a clean criminal record to drive with Uber.

External background screening results are not accepted.

Bring a three-year driver's abstract (less than 30 days old), your driver's licence (temporary licences are not accepted at this time), and one secondary piece of ID. The secondary piece of ID include the following:

  • Provincial Health Care Card
  • National Defence Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Canadian Blood Services Card
  • WIN Card
  • Citizenship Card
  • Firearm Acquisition Card
  • Immigration Papers (ex. work or study permit)
  • AISH

Téléchargez l'app

Your vehicle must pass a vehicle inspection by a licensed mechanic. Once completed, upload the form to your profile. After you're approved to drive, keep the form in your vehicle at all times or you could risk heavy fines!

Téléchargez l'app

Once you’re approved to drive with Uber, download the partner app to get started.

Pick up your Uber stickers and go!

While you are online driving with Uber, make sure you display your two Uber stickers at all times on your windshield to avoid any fines.

Come to the Greenlight Hub location to pick up your two Uber stickers.

  • Place one Uber sticker on your front passenger-side windshield in the bottom left corner
  • Place the second Uber sticker on the rear windshield in the bottom right corner


Drive with Uber in Edmonton


Créez un compte

The first step is to create an Uber account. It only takes a minute to sign up, and you can do it online. We’ll email you more information once you’re set up.


Visit our Greenlight Hub

We’ll explain the process in detail and answer any questions you have. You’ll work one-on-one with an Uber Expert to complete a background screen and upload any documents to your profile.


Get road-ready

Schedule any licensing medical exams, knowledge tests, or road tests, and complete a vehicle inspection. Remember—we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Be prepared

Getting your Class 4 licence

Interested in driving with Uber but don't have a Class 4 licence yet? Learn more about the process and how to get started.

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Deliver with UberEATS

Don't have a Class 1, 2, or 4 licence but still want to be on the Uber platform? Already a partner but want to earn more? Deliver with UberEATS!

Commencez à gagner de l'argent avec Uber

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