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Uber ride options

Always the ride you want. The Uber app gives you the power to get where you want to go with access to different types of rides across more than 10,000 cities.

Rides from around the world*


Affordable rides, all to yourself

Uber Pool

Shared rides, door to door or with a short walk

Uber Comfort

Newer cars with extra legroom

Uber Green

Sustainable rides in electric vehicles

Uber Black

Premium rides in luxury cars


On-demand electric bikes that allow you to go further


Electric scooters to help you get around your city


Affordable rides for groups up to 6

Uber Transit

Real-time public transit information in the Uber app

Uber WAV

Rides in wheelchair-accessible vehicles

Uber Lux

Top-rated drivers in luxury vehicles

Uber Black SUV

Premium rides for 6 in luxury SUVs

Uber Taxi

Local taxicabs at the tap of a button

Uber Flash

Match with the closest Uber Taxi or UberX

Uber Auto

Auto rickshaws at the tap of a button

Uber Air

The future of urban mobility

Ways to ride in the area

  • UberX


    Affordable rides, all to yourself

  • Comfort


    Newer cars with extra legroom

  • UberXL


    Affordable rides for groups up to 5

  • Connect


    Send packages to friends & family

  • Hourly


    Request a ride by the hour to get around in a dedicated car

  • Pool - Unavailable


    Temporarily unavailable


Look for Uber when you travel

10,000+ cities

The app is available in select cities worldwide, so you can count on a ride almost everywhere, even when you're far from home.

Access to rides at 600+ airports

Request a ride to the airport. In most regions, you’ll also have the option to schedule an airport pickup or dropoff in advance.

Do more with Uber

Uber Eats

Order from your favorite restaurants, online or with the Uber app, and a nearby delivery person will deliver it to your door.

Price estimator

Plan your next trip with the price estimator. Know before you go, so there’s no math and no surprises.

Rider safety

Peace of mind is designed into your experience.

Uber offerings

Changing how people can request rides and get from point A to point B is just the beginning.


Uber Rewards lets you earn points toward rewards and benefits, so the more you ride and order food with Uber, the better it gets.

Uber for Business

A platform for managing global rides, meals, and local delivery programs for companies large and small.

*Certain options, requirements, and features vary by country, region, and city.