Driver Announcements

uberX Winter Hourly Guarantee

June 28, 2018 / South Africa

We’ve heard your concerns about earnings, especially with the fuel price increases and reduced demand over the winter period.

That’s why we introduced a winter guarantee for all driver-partners in Johannesburg.

During certain hours of the day, Uber will ensure that your fare earnings are at least the guaranteed amount. If not, Uber will cover the difference. To qualify for the guarantee, you need to be online and accepting and completing trips as shown below. 



On Saturday morning, for UberX drivers, there is an earnings guarantee of R400 — after the Uber service fee — for the morning hours of 7am to 11am. Let’s say that, during this time, Thabo completes 3 trips and his fare earnings come to R300 after the Uber service fee. Well, that is less than the guaranteed amount of R400. So Uber will add an additional R100 so that Thabo’s fare earnings for that time period come to R400.

But, let’s say that, during those same mornings hours, Sam completes 5 trips and his fare earnings come to R550 after the Uber service fee. That is more than the guaranteed amount of R400. So there will not be any additional amount added to Sam’s fare earnings.

Kindly note that for drivers under a partner, the manner in which the incentive is distributed depends on the arrangement between the driver and the partner.