How to use Uber for a holiday at home

July 23, 2019 / South Africa

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When it comes to holiday ideas, a staycation is often right up there as one of the best. Whether you’re exploring your home city outside the daily routine, or spending a day out at the park, or even just inviting your friends over to have a holiday at home, a staycation can be a great way to enjoy some time off.

However you’d like to spend it, using Uber is a great way to help you organise stress-free and convenient transport for all your staycation ideas. Here are just a few ways you can use the Uber app to have a fabulous holiday at home.

Uber holiday at home

Spend a day at the beach

A day at the beach with friends and family is a great way to make some awesome memories. If you’re in Cape Town or Johannesburg, you can request a ride with UberXL or VAN to get everyone down there with ease, with space for six passengers and loads of luggage space, for those beach umbrellas, bulky towels and whatever else you’re bringing. The multiple destinations feature is also a convenient way to collect everyone en route to the beach.

St James beach near Kalk Bay is an excellent spot for such an outing. Situated in False Bay, it boasts warmish water and a beautiful stretch of beach, perfect for both swimming and tanning. One of its well-known features, it’s brightly coloured changing rooms, also come in handy as a perfect photo backdrop for those inevitable social media pictures.

For Durbanites already familiar with the most famous Durban beaches along the Golden Mile, try catching a ride out to Ansteys Beach. Located in South Durban’s Bluff, Ansteys provides a calmer vibe than the likes of uShaka and North Beach: exposed rock pools make it a beautiful spot for a picnic, whilst the shallow water provides a great opportunity for swimmers and surfers alike.

In Port Elizabeth, the Boardwalk favorites of King’s and Hobie Beach never disappoint for a day at the beach, but Humewood Beach is the best one for families. As South Africa’s oldest Blue Flag beach, it’s unrivalled when it comes to how well-kept and clean the beach is – and the Humewood Pillars also provide the perfect excuse to teach the kids some more about Port Elizabeth’s history

Uber holiday at home

Visiting another city

Of course, when it comes to staycation ideas, visiting another city in your own country is one of the most popular. And you can get anywhere you want to go with easy public transport and travel connections using Uber. It’s simple to grab an Uber ride from your door in Johannesburg to the station, and then to catch the train to Cape Town – or get to one of the intercity bus stations in Durban to embark on an epic journey cross-country.

If you’re meeting some travel buddies on the way, the Uber app’s ETA and share status features can help you make sure that everyone’s getting there on schedule or to let them know that you’ve arrived without a hitch on your journey. Whether you’re traveling solo or with friends, we’ll be there at the other end to help you explore the city to your heart’s content.

Exploring your own turf

If you’re having a holiday in your home city, you can leave the car at home and use Uber to explore your surroundings. Whether you’re in Cape Town, Jo’burg, Durban, Port Elizabeth or Pretoria, you can use Uber to discover what’s in store. Easy pickups and efficient travel can help with memorable outings to fabulous shopping centers such as Jozi’s famed Mall of Africa, exploring the breadth of entertainment on Durban’s Golden Mile, or finally making that trek along Port Elizabeth’s Route 67.

Uber holiday at home

Gathering friends for a braai

South Africans are famous for their braais – it can almost be regarded as a national pastime.  So, can you think of a better staycation idea than having a cheerful get-together around a braai? And with Uber’s 24/7 availability, you can continue to make memories until the morning hours. However late the party goes, Uber will be available to take anyone home afterward. It’s as simple as opening the Uber app and ordering a ride.

Taking the kids out

Having a holiday at home means that the kids will sometimes be involved in activities of their own, like heading off to camps or their grandparents. Whether they’re accompanying you on your staycation or not, you can ferry them around with ease using the Uber Family Profile. You can enter up to five people on the Family Profile who can then travel using your account. If Grandpa wants to take the kids on a trip to the cinema, it’s the perfect way to go.

Whether you stay in your own city or visit a nearby one, the goal of any staycation idea is the same as that of a vacation – to take a break from your everyday life, to relax, and to create memories with your friends and family. Make Uber your holiday partner, and you’re only a few rides away from an unforgettable staycation.