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October 30, 2022 / South Africa

Our actions following the National Survey

October 2022 | South Africa


Dialogue with each of you has always been at the heart of our priorities, as evidenced by the many round tables and engagement sessions organized each year in South Africa. When we launched the first edition of the national survey in April 2021, our goal was simple: to strengthen this dialogue to better understand your expectations and regularly report on our progress. We’ve since been able to report our progress on several matters that were of importance to you, such as unlocking new earning opportunities for you through parties such as MotionAds top box advertising, working towards improving the Injury Protection Policy by requesting that the hospital duration is changed to help support delivery people’s needs, introducing a safety checklist before going online, and helping find ways to support the reduction of restaurant wait time and the long stop safety check. 

We launched the second edition of this national survey with the aim to know more about your experience on the application, and to see if we can obtain answers to key questions, such as your perception of the activity of delivery people, our safety product features, quality of service relating to the application and delivery process and fraud detection. 

I want to thank you for your commitment and participation throughout this very special year. More than 4,500 of you have made your voice heard during round tables across the country and responses to the second round of the survey. Your contributions have made it possible to identify priority areas for improving your experience on the Uber Eats platform. 

I am happy to be able to present to you the results of this second national survey which we hope to carry out every year.  I hope this initiative will truly improve your experience. Introducing new features is only a first step, and we remain determined to build, with you, the delivery experience of tomorrow.

Charles Mhango, Head of Operations for Uber East Sub-Saharan Africa

A program that rewards outstanding delivery people 

You had expressed that you’d like us to support delivery people through a  program that recognizes outstanding delivery people and to help you reduce your operating expenses.

This rewards program was built to support the delivery people working with the Uber Eats App. We are aiming to cast this program in December 2022, across most cities in South Africa where the Uber Eats App is available. 

Additional payment options for customer

To help your business and the experience of all users of the Uber Eats App, we introduced the EFT payment method in September 2022 to customers across all cities in South Africa where the Uber Eats App is available. This will be an opportunity to enable your delivery experience to be safer with cardless transactions.  ​​ 

Reaffirm our position that your safety remains a top priority

Safety is and will remain one of our top priorities. We are aware that our awareness work is far from over. This is why we have launched a new initiative in accordance with your answers in the survey and roundtables relating to customer cash fraud. In particular, we’ve started to launch the customer selfie in-app to a few customers. We will require that users submit a picture of themselves to confirm their identity. This will be rolled out to all customers of the Uber Eats App.

In the survey and various roundtables, you also revealed that you do not feel comfortable doing cash deliveries due to safety-related incidents. Therefore, to reduce safety-related incidents we have rolled out the feature where you can report unsafe locations in the driver app. We have since been able to disable cash deliveries in the evening after 6pm in Mitchells Plain, Soweto, Atteridgeville, Mamelodi, and Umlazi.

Strengthen and raise awareness of available support 

Many of you said you were unaware of the free support you have access to with AIG and were also unaware of where to access additional information. We have developed and generalized a feature allowing you to see directly what you are covered for in the event of certain eligible incidences. 

Now, in two clicks, you will be able to see the details of your protection. To get more information, you will be able to tap the menu icon in the Driver App, then tap Uber Eats Pro and the right arrow near the top of the screen. You will be able to find all the information and conditions to be eligible for certain support. We will continue to regularly remind you of this information in the Driver App.

Improving operational difficulties 

We are committed to improving your delivery experience in a concrete manner, focusing in particular on improving the pillar of your business: the experience of picking up and delivering orders.

The survey revealed that operational difficulties relating to inaccurate or missing menu items were a source of frustration for many of you. This is why, for the past few months, we have been testing a feature to improve this experience at pick-up. If a particular type of order has a history of being packed with missing items, you will be notified by an alert at pick-up to check the order, and the restaurant will see the same alert on their device. 

These initiatives are the first steps toward meeting the commitments made following the national survey. We hope that the actions taken will meet your main expectations and we look forward to sharing further initiatives in the coming months.

All information provided herein was, to the best of Uber’s knowledge, correct and complete as at the time of sharing. Uber will not be held liable for any incomplete or incorrect information.