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Uber driver rewards and discounts in South Africa

November 15, 2018 / South Africa

Driving with Uber is a great way to earn a living because it comes with a lot of freedom and perks: you get to be your own boss, set your own schedule, meet new people and explore new places. You also get to benefit from Uber driver rewards, which help make your time on the road safer, less costly and easier.

Fuel Rebate

One such reward South African Uber driver partners can access is a fuel rebate – get up to 25 cents cash back every time you swipe your card to refuel at a Shell petrol station! Whether you’re providing rides day-to-day or a couple of trips on an off weekend, our fuel rebate makes sure the money you make doesn’t go right back in the petrol tank.

Service Deals

Maintaining your car can be costly, especially if you’re on the road day-in day-out, which is why we’ve partnered with MotorHappy and Tiger Wheel & Tyre to give you access to special deals on servicing and maintenance. Enjoy preferential Uber discounts – a series of vehicle maintenance plans, 30% off all service-related products and free nitrogen!

Insurance and Dealfindr

You vehicle needs to be insured, so Uber has also partnered with several insurance companies to offer drivers packages to suit your lifestyle. Choose between MiWay, OUTsurance and VUM insurance; each one has different offers so you can benefit from a tailored experience. With Uber’s Dealfindr partnership, you can also find the best deals and promotions on servicing your car in your area, or even advertise your business!

Health Insurance

Finally, there are also health insurance plans available to Uber driver partners. MyHealth’s package provides comprehensive, private health insurance, covering everything from counselling to GP visits and legal assistance for you and your family.

Become an Uber driver and rest assured that you will have the support you need to make money with the great advantages of Uber’s driver rewards, whether that’s on fuel, maintenance or insurance.