Driver Announcements

National Land Transport Amendment Bill

August 15, 2018 / South Africa

Answers to Driver-Partners

The National Land Transport Act (‘NLTA’) is the law that regulates all forms of road public passenger transport in South Africa. It requires that any operator who wishes to offer public transport for which fares are charged must hold a valid Operating Licence issued by a Regulatory Entity. This law is under review for the first time since it came into effect in 2009. As part of this review, there is an Amendment Bill (‘the Bill’) that is proposing a change to the NLTA.

Licensing Process

  • Will the changes require that all driver-partners have an operating license?
  • What are the penalties for operating without a valid operating license?
  • Are the changes going to improve and speed up the licensing process?
  • Will driver-partners have to apply for a new license (or restart the application process for a license)?
  • Does the bill provide for the issuance of temporary licenses?
  • How long does it take for a license appeal to be heard? If you appeal a decision, are you invited to attend the hearing?

Key Amendments

Lawmaking Process

  • At what stage is the bill?
  • How long will the bill take to go into effect?
  • How can a driver-partner submit a comment on the bill?
  • When and where are the public hearings?

Submission on behalf of interested driver-partners

  • Who is Paul Browning and who is he representing?
  • Who drafted this submission? What is it based on?
  • Who will this submission be sent to?
  • When is the next set of in person information sessions?