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Let’s Move What Matters

April 29, 2020 / South Africa

Stay home, and we’ll move what matters.

A month ago, everything changed. The world turned upside down. A company that moves people is asking you not to move. 

In this critical time, stopping is the only way forward. However, essential and healthcare workers are still in motion. Uber has made a global commitment to help move these workers to the frontline, by giving away 10 million free rides and deliveries globally. As part of this global commitment, in South Africa, we have set up a number of initiatives that will help us move what matters and assist communities impacted by the effects of COVID-19.  We have also adapted our technology to offer Uber Direct, an on-demand and scheduled last-mile delivery solution for businesses that facilitates efficient delivery of essential items during this time.

Partnership with The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The current lockdown in South Africa has resulted in essential movement only which means that thousands of people are unable to access essential items like medication. For this reason, we have partnered with The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Western Cape Department of Health and several NGOs to ease access to medication to the most vulnerable due to COVID- 19.

Through this partnership, Uber is delivering essential medication to the important community of health workers who thereafter distribute the medication to those most in need in their communities. This means that those in need can continue to receive their medication without having to leave the house or visiting a clinic.

SA Harvest  

Millions of people around South Africa go without food each day and with the lockdown this number is expected to increase. SA Harvest, a food rescue organisation that aims to eradicate food waste, has partnered with Uber to ensure they can double up on their supplies to their beneficiary organisations without delay, ensuring food-vulnerable people continue receiving food packages daily.

Uber Medics 

We have partnered with LifeHealthCare to ensure their frontline and healthcare workers have a reliable and efficient way of getting to and from where they are needed. Uber will be providing 25% off trips to qualifying LifeHealthCare staff as they remain in the frontline to serve the nation.

Drivers can voluntarily choose to take Uber Medics trips and through their consent, they agree to wear the required PPE gear per the Government regulations. To access these discounted rides, an administrator appointed by LifeHealthCare will, utilising the Uber Central platform, request trips on behalf of their staff. Drivers will receive 100% of the fare for all the Uber Medics trips as they support the healthcare heroes during this challenging time. The discount on Uber Medics fares are fully funded by Uber.

While we support the needs of our local healthcare system and our communities, we are also enabling our drivers to follow the government’s safety precaution guidelines, and equipping them with the right personal protection. 

YES partnership

We have partnered with YES4Youth foundation to procure and distribute reusable cloth masks to our driver partners and delivery people to ensure their safety as they help us move what matters during these unprecedented times.

Afrika Tikkun
Uber has united with Afrika Tikkun, a non-profit organization that provides education, health, and social services to young people and their families through centres of excellence in South African townships. Afrika Tikkun are now also helping feed vulnerable communities, including Uber driver-partners and delivery people impacted most heavily by the lockdown.

Through the initiative, qualifying Uber driver-partners and delivery people will be able to purchase much-needed food items from their closest Boxer Superstores stores by accessing a one-time eCoupon via the established driver-partner and delivery people channels. Driver-partners and delivery people have received communication providing steps on how to retrieve their eCoupon as well as Boxer Superstores  food recommendations on what to purchase.

Ensuring the wider community is also supported, Afrika Tikkun is utilizing Uber’s latest solution, Uber Direct, to help facilitate food packages to communities in need. Using Uber Direct, the NGO has been able to expand and optimise deliveries to their beneficiary organisations such as Afrika Tikkun, while reaching vulnerable people in Gauteng for the first time.
Stay home, and with drivers and delivery people, we’ll help #movewhatmatters. Together we can end this virus.