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Cape Town Airport Waiting Area and Rider Pickup Point

January 28, 2021 / South Africa

Shorter ETAs for airport trips

We’re happy to announce that the new secure waiting area located at Cape Town International Airport is officially open, which will significantly reduce the distance between requests and pickups for driver-partners. Please note that the 67 Manhattan St, Boquinar Industrial Area, Cape Town is no longer operational.

Rider Pickup Point:

The rider pick up area has moved from P1 to the P2 ground floor. To access the area you need to:

  1. Driver to P2 parking
  2. Take a ticket from boom 1
  3. Drive straight to second boom 
  4. Insert ticket from boom 1 in boom 2
  5. Turn left and follow arrows to rider waiting area

To Exit

  1. Follow exit signs 
  2. Insert ticket in third boom 
  3. Follow exit signs too fourth boom
  4. Insert ticket in fourth boom and exit to join freeway
  5. The airport has put up signage directing. See video below:,

Please note:

Vehicles reported to Uber for waiting for trips outside the designated waiting area or not  picking up riders in P2, will not be able to access the airport area AND banned from receiving airport trips.