More Uber Ride Options = More Ways to Pay

November 7, 2017 / Taipei

Whether traveling for business or leisure, you can now experience convenient rides with flexible payment options on the Uber App.

Uber currently offers three ways to ride:

  • uberX
  • UberBLACK
  • uberTAXI

Prefer to pay by credit card? Choose uberX and/or UberBLACK.

Prefer to pay by cash? uberTAXI will open up a new world of convenience!


Want to find out how to choose an Uber ride option and your preferred payment method? Follow the simple steps below:

Requesting an uberX/UberBLACK

Payment method available: Credit card

1. Enter pickup and drop off locations
2. Choose uberX or UberBLACK
3. Choose “Credit Card” as the payment method
4. Confirm request

NOTE: The credit card used must be tied to the mobile phone where the ride is requested. Fares are charged to the credit card at the ride’s end.

Requesting an uberTAXI

Payment method available: Cash

1. Enter pickup and dropoff locations
2. Choose uberTAXI
3. Choose “Cash” as the payment method
4. Confirm request

Note: The fare shown on the meter at the ride’s end must be paid using cash.