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Safety Toolkit arrives with 3 safety feature upgrades

January 28, 2019 / Taiwan

Other than providing riders with reliable rides, safety is one thing that Uber values the most .

Uber Safety Toolkit helps you and your loved ones to be much safer 24 / 7.

Have you ever worried about your family coming home late, or travel around a new city?

Your safety is one of the most important things that Uber cares about. Uber app added three new features to make you feel even safer riding with us.

– 3 new features –

1.【Safety Center】
From the Safety Toolkit, riders can learn more about safety at Uber in one central location in the app – from driver background checks, insurance protections, to details on how to contact our 24/7 support.

2.【Trusted contacts】

It’s now even easier for riders and driver-partners to keep their loved ones in the loop.

Riders can select up to five friends and family members as Trusted Contacts and choose when to be prompted to share their trips with each one.

3.【110 Emergent button】
Get emergency assistance by calling 110 directly from the app. We’ve updated both our rider and driver-partner apps with safety in mind, locating all things safety in one central place and making it accessible directly from the rider home screen or driver-partner map during each trip.

Ready to experience safety toolkit? Follow the steps:

Step 1.
During your trip, click the shield sign at the bottom right corner of the app to open Safety Toolkit.

Step 2.
The toolkit includes safety center, share my trip, and 110 emergent button.

Step 3.
The safety features let you share trip or call 110 with one single click. 

How to save trusted contacts:

Step 1.
Pre-save trusted contacts in Uber App.

Step 3.
After saving the trusted contacts, during your ride, you can click “share with my friends” with a click of the button. 

Step 2.
Choose family and friends from your contacts in the phone.