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“Spotlight” helps your driver better identify you in the crowd

June 26, 2019 / Taiwan

The new feature “Spotlight” gives you the perfect start to a wonderful trip. The feature makes it easier for you and your driver to find each other. When the driver is approaching the pickup point, you can tap “Spotlight” button and it will light up your phone and notify your driver. Hold your phone towards your driver as he or she is arriving. It helps the driver easily find you in crowded areas or late at night.


How To Use Uber Spotlight Feature

  1. When the driver is arriving, tap the “Spotlight” button in the bottom right corner of the app which will turn the feature on.
  2. Your phone will light up with a single color. Hold your phone toward the driver to help him/her identify you.
  3. Your driver will receive an automated generated message about which color to look for.

Notes: “Spotlight” will light up your phone with 1 of 6 colors including yellow, orange, red, green, purple, and blue.

Additionally, you can contact your driver by in-app messaging or anonymous phone call. Either send your driver a pre-populated message with a single tap or provide extra details of the pickup location (e.g. I am standing outside of a convenience store ) . It helps your driver arrive at the pick up location more efficiently.


How to Contact Your Driver

  1. Contact your driver via anonymous phone call or tapping “Any pickup notes?” to send in-app messages.
  2. Choose from a set of pre-populated messages. 
  3. Or type in extra details of your pickup location.