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Your uberTAXI is Arriving Soon

January 18, 2017 / Kaohsiung


Over the past four years, Uber has got Taiwan moving through options such as uberX, UberBlack and uberASSIST. Starting next month, we are going to add another choice: uberTAXI.

Today, we announced partnership with the Taxi Driver Association to launch the service in Taipei. It means that riders will be able to select the TAXI option on the Uber app to take a safe, quality and reliable ride.

From the outset, Uber has sought to offer greater choice and mobility options to people in Taiwan. uberTAXI will further this goal, allowing more people to move around Taipei whenever they need to.

Getting taxis on the app will allow more people to benefit from the economic opportunities that our technology has unlocked. Taxi drivers won’t need to spend so much idle time waiting for riders, or circling the city streets looking for them.  With the push of a button, we can connect them.

All uberTAXI trips will be GPS-tracked from start to finish. Passengers will be able share details of their trips in real time with family or friends.  After every ride, you and your drivers will be asked to rate each other and provide feedback, ensuring quality service and allowing our safety team to investigate any issues.

Uber Taiwan General Manager Likai Gu said: “Today’s announcement shows ridesharing and taxis can co-exist in Taiwan as part of healthy, vibrant and diverse market that is great for riders and drivers. It also demonstrates our commitment to Taiwan, and to continued dialogue with the government to create a legal framework for ridesharing.”


Chairman of Taxi Driver Association Lin Shenhe said, “We’re thrilled to establish a partnership with Uber to better serve Taiwanese citizens. We are excited to get our taxis onto the Uber platform and harness the technology the company is bringing to Taiwan. With the Uber platform, uberTAXI drivers will be able to have more economic opportunities and provide a safe and quality ride service to passengers.  This cooperation will help develop the local taxi industry as well.  Providing another option for Taiwanese citizens is good for taxi drivers, good for passengers and good for the local economy. ”