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Pressing Pause in Taiwan

February 2, 2017 / Kaohsiung


Uber arrived in Taiwan four years ago, and we’ve been thrilled to see our community of riders and drivers grow powered by a willingness to embrace technology and innovation at the push of a button. We’ve launched in 4 cities and drivers on our platform provide reliable transportation for many outer suburban areas that are poorly served. We have been humbled by the uptake – since our launch you have  taken over 15 million trips in Taiwan.

Meanwhile, we have listened intently to the feedback from the government and the people of Taiwan on the steps Uber must take to set the stage for the government to introduce ridesharing regulations in Taiwan:

  • We’ve consulted with the Ministry of Finance on the new cross-border e-commerce bill and expressed our willingness to comply
  • We’ve secured a local insurance policy
  • We’ve made several specific suggestions on ridesharing regulations that mirror laws overseas; and
  • We’ve initiated efforts to collaborate with the taxi industry.

Unfortunately, the government has moved further and further away from embracing innovation and setting the stage for a 21st century transportation policy. Uber’s driver-partners, hard working, ordinary Taiwanese citizens, face greater penalties than ever for providing people a safe ride across town. At the same time, we recognize that the MOTC is under pressure to escalate enforcement in accordance with new legislation.

In the face of this impasse, we must create a new path forward. Today, we are announcing our intention to pause our Taiwan service starting Friday 10th February. We hope that pressing pause will reset the conversation and inspire President Tsai to take action.

We have not made this decision lightly, as we know it will have a significant impact on hundreds of thousands of drivers and riders. From our family to yours, we extend our deepest thanks to the rider and driver community for their support, and we look forward to continuing to serve Taiwan with meaningful mobility solutions for the future.

The Uber Taiwan team