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COVID-19: activation information for new drivers

May 15, 2020 / Taiwan

As cities respond to COVID-19, government agencies are closing temporarily and more people are staying home. This means account activation is delayed at this time and it may take longer to get on the road. Please note that drivers may experience fewer trip requests from riders and lower earnings than usual. In consideration of this please see the below information regarding onboarding which has been released by Uber electronic platform and cooperating fleets.

1. Personal document requirements for activation

You can find minimum requirements below for becoming a MPT driver, joining a MPT fleet, and activating your account. As some local governments may be affected by the epidemic and are busy in dealing with the epidemic prevention and daily operations, you may see delays in processing your documentation. See below for details.

Taxi LicenseIn some cities, the taxi license tests have been postponed. It is highly recommended that you call the Traffic Division in your area to confirm whether or not your activation process will be affected.

Status: Delayed for some cities
Professional Driver’s License, National ID, Criminal Record, Driving Record, Profile Photo and Fleet ContractStatus: Normal operation

2. Vehicle document requirements for activation

Vehicle Registration and MPT ProofSince some DMVs are currently occupied, the time needed to process your vehicle and documents may be delayed.

Status: Delayed for some cities
Vehicle Insurance, Third Liability Insurance and Passenger InsuranceStatus: Normal operation

3. Guidance if you’re looking for support

For activation: Reserve GLH online appointment via Driver App. For other activation questions: Call new drivers phone support at 0966-789-265. Based on the advice of public health authorities, we have temporarily closed all Uber Greenlight Hubs until further notice.

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