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Important updates to Uber’s Privacy Policy

September 21, 2017 / Global

We believe it should be easy for you to understand our privacy practices. That’s why we’re launching an updated and streamlined Privacy Policy that explains in clear language what information we collect, how we use it, and the choices and controls you have. We’re also publishing FAQs and other resources to give you, even more, details about our privacy practices.

Here are some of the key changes to our Privacy Policy:

  • We compiled our privacy practices for Uber riders, drivers, and UberEats customers around the world into a single privacy policy

  • We revised our privacy policy to make it more concise and easy-to-read

  • We updated the policy to reflect our latest products and services, and added additional details and examples to help you understand our privacy practices

  • We explained how long we retain your information

  • We provided more information about how you can control what we collect and how we use your data, including location information

We will be sending notice of the update to our users in the United States beginning today, and to our users outside the United States beginning next week. The policy will go into effect for all users globally on November 1, 2017.