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uberASSIST – A Ride, with a Helping Hand

October 31, 2017 / Singapore

At Uber, we strive to provide access to transportation options for everyone in our community. On Nov 21, we are re-introducing uberASSIST – a ride option designed to provide additional assistance for members of the community with different accessibility needs, including the elderly or those who may just feel more comfortable with an extra hand when getting from A to B.

We’ve partnered with the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), an organisation committed to empowering those who are ageing and physically disabled with the information and support they need. With their support, uberASSIST will help extend Uber’s mission to enable people to unlock places in the city and get to their destinations safely and conveniently.

Rides on uberASSIST will be matched with top driver-partners who have been trained by experts on the necessary knowledge and safety requirements of those with different needs. These vehicles can also accommodate folding wheelchairs, walkers and scooters. (Note: uberASSIST vehicles do not have accessible ramps or lifts).

uberASSIST will be available at the same fares as uberX. What’s more? You can ride uberASSIST for less until the end of the year!

Apply code ASSIST10 to get 10% off ALL uberASSIST rides until 31 Dec 2017.


  • Enter your destination in the ‘Where to’ section of the Uber app
  • Scroll right to ‘More’ and tap ‘uberASSIST’
  • Tap ‘Confirm uberASSIST’
  • Your uberASSIST ride will be there within minutes!

PRO TIP: After making your request, contact your driver ahead of time with any specific needs. Please note that since only top driver-partners who have completed their training can accept uberASSIST trips, rides might take slightly longer to arrive at the pick-up location. 

With uberASSIST, we’re getting one step closer to creating a city that is accessible to everyone. 

For more information on uberASSIST, visit our FAQs page here.