4 Tips for a Great Uber Commute Ride

March 13, 2018 / Singapore

On 14 March, we introduced Uber Commute, a new carpool option in the Uber app that allows drivers the opportunity to save on car and fuel costs, while riders can get an affordable ride to and from work.

Excited to give it a try? Follow our Commute Community Guidelines to ensure a 5-star experience for you and your driver.

1) We saved you the best seat: up front

Uber Commute drivers are working professionals that are carpooling with you on their way to and from work. They are not professional drivers or chauffeurs. To ensure a great commute experience, think of them as a neighbour giving you a ride to work. You’re encouraged to sit in the front seat, have a conversation and enjoy the ride!

2) Like you, your driver hates being late

Whether it’s a morning meeting or an overflowing inbox to catch up with, getting to work on time is important to you, and your driver. Try to be on time for your Commute ride so both of you can get to work comfortably and on schedule. If you’re going to be delayed, be sure to call your driver to give them a heads up.

3) If you have to cancel, do it well in advance

We know that changes in plans often can’t be avoided. If you need to cancel your ride, you’re encouraged to cancel a few hours before the ride so your driver can be matched with another rider.

4) Be respectful to your driver and the car

As per our community guidelines, to ensure a safe, comfortable and enjoyable ride, be respectful of your driver and the car. 

Follow these simple tips, and you’re all set for a great Commute experience, every time. Enjoy the ride!