Pricing update for UberX

August 30, 2018 / Saudi Arabia

Listening to our customers

Ever since launching in Saudi Arabia in 2014, Partner Drivers in the Kingdom have used Uber to supplement their existing income, benefiting from the flexible economic opportunity the technology provides them with. Based on feedback from Partner Drivers and riders, and to ensure that Uber always offers a seamless experience for both, the pricing for UberX will be adjusted.

With the new pricing, Partner Drivers will not only earn more, riders also benefit from a more reliable service in all of the cities we are present in around the Kingdom.

The changes will take place on September 3rd, 2018

New UberX Pricing

  Old UberX New UberX
Base SAR 3.25 SAR 4.00
Per KM SAR 0.92 SAR 1.00
Per Minute SAR 0.21 SAR 0.25
Minimum Fare SAR 7.50 SAR 8.50
Goverment Fee SAR 0.50 SAR 0.50