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Know your fares, upfront.

December 8, 2019 / Saudi Arabia

An upfront fare is an exact price, not a range

Upfront Fares is a product feature in which the rider is shown the actual fare for a trip before requesting a ride.

This is the amount that you will pay unless the journey changes materially.

Why upfront fares? To help create certainty

Upfront fares make riding simpler, there’s no complicated math and no surprises.

How upfront fares are calculated

Upfront fares are calculated using factors that typically affect the price of a trip, including the expected time, traffic patterns and distance, as well as surge when demand is high.

Then, the same base fare, time, and distance rates are applied. This value, plus surge and any expected tolls, is the upfront fare shown.

If a trip changes significantly, so does the fare

That’s why there are a few cases in which the upfront fare will not be honored.

If the changes are made to the journey or pickup/dropoff location, or the trip takes significantly longer than expected in time and/or distance (for instance due to heavy traffic or unexpected road closures), the upfront fare will not be honored.

In such cases, the fare will be automatically adjusted to use the actual time and distance traveled using the rates that currently exist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do any trip types not have upfront fares?

Riders will only see upfront fares on UberX in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam as well as UberXL in Dammam.

When would an upfront fare not apply?

The upfront fare may not apply in certain limited situations, such as if there is a significant change in the journey or the pickup or dropoff location, or the trip takes significantly longer than expected in time and/or distance (for instance due to heavy traffic or unexpected road closures).

What happens when an upfront fare doesn’t apply?

If an upfront fare doesn’t apply, the rates set out in the fare estimate calculator automatically apply. You can view the fare estimate by entering the pickup and drop-off locations and can then view a breakdown of the rates by clicking on the (?) icon.

Does surge still exist with upfront fares?

Yes. Upfront fares do not remove surge. Prices will continue to vary when demand is high.

During high demand, the upfront fare will be shown as normal, with an additional note that fares are higher due to increased demand.

How do tolls work with upfront fares?

The upfront fare shown includes estimated tolls, based on the recommended trip route. At the end of the trip, the estimated toll component is replaced by any tolls that were actually incurred on the trip.  

That is if the route suggests a toll, but the trip doesn’t pass through a toll road, or if the route suggests no toll, but the trip passes through a toll road, the fare will be updated to reflect the relevant variance.

The toll component will still be visible in the trip invoice.

What if the trip takes much longer than expected? For instance, how do delays or traffic impact the fare?

Upfront fares and navigation take traffic and other known incidents into account.

If the trip takes much longer than estimated due to traffic or other factors, the fare will be calculated based on the actual time and distance traveled, as well as the tolls incurred. This will happen automatically and a notification of the adjustment will be sent out.

What if I want to change the destination or make multiple stops?

Change of destination and unplanned stops can significantly change or extend a journey. When this happens, the fare will be adjusted automatically using the actual time and distance rates.