How to use Uber at the airport for a stress-free transfer

May 27, 2019 / Qatar

When you’re excited to get to the airport and finally start your holiday, you don’t want anything slowing you down. Navigating busy terminals and following lengthy safety procedures can be tricky. Thankfully, with Uber, one thing you won’t need to worry about anymore is getting a ride to the airport. Check out our airport travel tips on the advantages of Uber and how to use Uber at the airport that make us the perfect travel partner for your next trip to the runway.

Extra Luggage Space

If you’re worried about how to get to the airport in Doha with all your luggage in tow, you can travel to the airport using UberXL. These cars are made for the well-prepared, with space to fit extra suitcases. They’re also a great way to get all your souvenirs home safe and sound without having to squash them into a ride. Taking an UberXL is a simple airport life hack that will get you and all your belongings to the airport and home again with ease.

Airport Pick-up Zones

When you get off the plane, you don’t need to waste any time setting off on your first adventure as you can get an Uber ride from the airport as soon as you land. Most airports have at least one Uber pick-up zone, so your driver will be able to avoid confusion by waiting for you in an easy-to-find location. To make things even easier, the app will give you simple instructions guiding you towards the pick-up zone where your driver awaits!

Worldwide Availability

One of the biggest benefits of Uber for airport travel is that you can catch rides at over 300 airports on five continents, giving you ready access to a service you know and trust. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about overpaying in an unfamiliar currency as a fair rate will be charged directly to the card you have registered with Uber.

24-Hour Services

Day or night, dedicated driver-partners are always looking for their next passenger. If you’re inspired to travel to the coast to catch the sunrise or see the stars come out over the ocean, you can bet there’s somebody nearby willing to take you.

There are so many advantages to Uber when using us to travel to the airport, it’s hard to put them all in one list. But now you know how to use Uber at the airport, hopefully you’ll keep us in mind for your next trip away.