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New ride options available in Qatar

July 27, 2020 / Qatar

UberX: A ride for everyday

We have renamed everyone’s favorite UberGo product into UberX at the same exact price that you are familiar with the minimum fare starting at QAR 8 and are happy to announce the launch of a new ride option, Uber Comfort.

Uber Comfort: A little extra, for your comfort

Uber Comfort, a new ride option is now available in Qatar. With the minimum fare starting at QAR 11.2, riders will be matched with more experienced, top-rated driver-partners who have newer, mid-sized cars. To make the trip even more pleasant, riders can also choose their ride preferences. A little extra comfort comes a long way.

What features does Uber Comfort offer to riders?

With Comfort, riders get more experienced and highly rated drivers (with a rating of 4.8 and above) with newer-model vehicles that offer more legroom. Additionally, the option allows riders to choose their ride preferences before they start the trip:

  • Temperature preferences – based on 3 different presets, riders may select a preferred temperature inside the car
  • Conversation preferences – riders can now specify in advance whether they prefer to chat or not, directly from the app
  • Extra paid wait time – We’re giving riders a little extra time to get to the car when unexpected delays pop up, with up to 10 minutes of additional wait time (initial 5 minutes are free of charge, a per minute  fare will be charged afterwards).

Who can use Comfort?

Uber Comfort has been designed for all riders who want additional comfort en route at an attractive price. Uber Comfort offers a chance to stay productive while on trip to work, wind down and relax while leaving work, or simply to enjoy a little extra comfort in your everyday trips.