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Heading out for a relaxing weekend getaway? Use Uber for peace of mind

September 5, 2019 / Qatar

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Going on a weekend trip is one of the best ways to get away from the everyday, whether it’s a city break 3 hours away by train or a quick country hop by plane. Organizing them however is nowhere near as enjoyable, and troublesome holiday travel arrangements can get in the way even when you’re on the trip. Find out how using Uber abroad can make your getaway even more relaxing.

Access anywhere

Wherever your travels may take you, you don’t need to worry about finding local rides or transfer in unfamiliar places. With availability in other 600 cities, you can rely on using Uber in other countries and cities for quick and easy transport. When you’re planning the trip, you can know that your rides at the other end are already covered.

Save precious time

Just arrived in an unknown city and ready to put down your bags? You can use Uber to request a ride for a stress-free trip to your hotel. It helps to get you to where you’re staying quickly so you have more of the day left to explore (or sleep off!). It’s also a handy option for when you’re out and about during the day and you want to make a quick stop back at the hotel. You can minimize your travel time by requesting a ride so you’re ready to repack, recharge or redress and get back out again.

Stress-free sightseeing

So, you’ve arrived: you’re excited to see all the popular sights, but not looking forward to navigating through crowds of equally excited tourists or finding places to park your rental car. That’s where Uber comes in handy. You can relax in the backseat and use the ride as an extra opportunity to sight-see—you’ll reach your destination before you know it, where you can simply hop out and start exploring. Once you’ve done your day’s exploring, you can just order another ride to take you back to the hotel.

Escaping the city

The big attractions might be in the city centre, but the hidden gems are usually outside it. Whether you’re looking for nature parks and open spaces or you just want to explore some of the smaller areas outside the main hub, Uber can help you get out and about. It’s especially useful for reaching less metropolitan areas.

Easy way back home

Even when it’s time to come back home, when you’re too tired to drag suitcases full of souvenirs and laundry, Uber is still here to help take you back afterward.

Wherever it is you’re traveling, using Uber abroad and in other countries can help make your trip simpler and less stressful—and nothing’s more important to a successful weekend away than actually getting to relax. So, let’s take a trip!