Catch an Uber ride to and from the airport

June 27, 2019 / Qatar

To the app

Everyone gets excited about heading on a journey – often to the point that they forget the first step of getting to the airport. It’s easy to overlook this important aspect in the crazy run-up to a long-awaited trip, resulting in major last-minute stress. But with Uber to take you there with ease, it might in fact become the part you worry about least – and maybe even enjoy most!

And that’s not where the convenience stops – using Uber at airports makes travel connections super easy, whether you’re riding to the airport or looking for a pickup to take you home:

Ever-present availability

Uber is available 24 hours a day at over 300 airports on five continents. Hence, it almost doesn’t matter from where or when your flight departs; you should have no worries about finding a ride at unearthly hours. Simply hit the app to book an Uber ride to the airport.

Schedule a ride ahead of time

With so many things to tick off your to-do list before embarking on a journey, why not schedule your airport ride in advance? That way you’ll have peace of mind over your airport transfer and can focus on the thousand and one other arrangements.

Of course, that goes the other way as well. There’s no need to stumble around for taxis or rentals when arriving at your destination airport. You can arrange an Uber ride ahead of your arrival for a smooth exit.

Trouble-free pickup and dropoff

With Uber, you get dedicated pick-up and drop-off zones at most airports. Now you don’t have to fret and scramble around when leaving an airport – the app will show you where these zones are so you can find them easily. They’re also helpful when you’re heading in, as the map will show you where you’ve been dropped off in relation to the airport entrance.

Uber at airports in Qatar

In Qatar, you can catch an Uber ride to Hamad International Airport and back again after a long trip:

  • Make sure to check your ride options as a variety of rides, including UberXL and UberX, are available at Doha Airport with Uber
  • When you request a ride, make sure to check the app to find the designated Uber airport pickup point
  • If you can’t locate your driver or pickup point after requesting a ride, you can contact them through the app

So, when are you taking your next trip? Wherever you’re flying to or whatever time you’re coming in, you can rely on Uber to get you to the airport in time for your flight or back home again after a long journey.