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Supporting local communities

March 26, 2020 / Poland

Recent weeks have seen local communities joining hands to fight the spread of coronavirus to a never-seen-before extent. We all adopt necessary safety measures – we limit staying outside as much as possible, we avoid people gatherings and do much more to flatten the curve. However, there are select groups of people who find the new reality especially difficult, namely healthcare workers that  fight daily battles to save lives, but also the elderly or people living in remote areas, who need help with necessary errands. They all need our support now.

Supporting healthcare workers

We believe that supporting our local communities is our responsibility and even the smallest effort counts, therefore we’ve offered our help to 17 medical facilities in Poland donating trips for their personnel. We want to provide them with 10’000 trips to and from their facility in a form of promotional codes, each worth 40 PLN, valid until the end of May.

We also joined #wzywamyposilki initiative and together with McDonald’s and Costa Coffee we’re delivering meals to hospitals operating in cities supported by Uber Eats. All deliveries are performed without any personal contact, with all safety and health safeguards.

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Supporting those in need

We also remember about people in need, who due to the epidemics-related restrictions need help with grocery shopping, meal preparation or simply need a bit of human kindness. For them we joined WOSP Foundation with their “Pomagamy” and donated 1000 promo codes worth 30 PLN each to their volunteers. We hope that the codes will help them reach people needing their support. 

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We believe that only together can we face the challenge of coronavirus and each action that directly impacts the well-being of human beings can make a real change.