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Let’s move together! Uber’s WOŚP charity auctions launched

January 18 / Poland

The 29th Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is ahead of us. Even though this year’s celebrations will be a bit more modest than the year before, the team behind the fundraiser, the volunteers and the supporters of this grand charity event remain unstoppable. And so are we!

“Let’s move together” is a slogan with which we support the 29th finale of The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. We move together to help and to once again hit the new high score of donations. Check how you can join in – together we can do even more!

Let’s move together. With free rides for the WOŚP crew!

We have provided a batch of free rides to the team and the volunteers behind the 29th Finale’s main event. We hope it will make their journeys across the city faster and safer.

Let’s move together. And bid for good!

To support the 29th Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity we’ve donated 2 special items for charity auctions that you can now bid on. 100% of the proceeds from each auction will go to the 29th WOŚP Finale. Here’s what you can bid on:

Remember that you can support the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity every day, by donating directly to the Foundation. You can find more information here