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We’re committing thousands of rides (to be performed by the drivers using the Uber platform) to the vaccination centers.

February 12, 2021 / Poland

Uber continuously supports the local community in the fight against the pandemic. This time we are committed to covering the cost of travel to vaccination centers to those at greatest risk. We will provide as many as 10,000 promo codes to compensate for rides to those who will be vaccinated, as well as charities caring for the ones in need, to help them organize transport to and from the vaccination centers.

Codes for the Uber app users

We want to help vaccinate as many people as possible. That is why we’re offering codes for free rides to selected vaccination points in all cities in Poland where Uber operates. You can find a list of codes assigned to specific vaccination points below. The trip must begin or end at one of the designated points.

The value of each code is 20 PLN. If the fare exceeds this amount, the passenger will have to cover the difference. The code is valid only on the route from/to selected vaccination points. The number of codes is limited, the order of use applies. If you do not need to get to the vaccination point and you do not intend to use the code, do not add it to the application, this way you will not block other people from using the transport. The code is valid until May 31, 2021, it does not apply to business trips. Uber is not a transportation service provider and does not provide the above-mentioned rides. Rides are performed by independent transportation providers that operate on the Uber platform. The role of Uber is limited to providing free promo codes (with a value of PLN 20) to Riders that can be used to compensate for the corresponding value of rides.

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Providing promo codes for free rides to vaccination points is another step taken by Uber in the fight against the pandemic.

In March 2020, we supported Polish medics in the fight against COVID-19, covering the cost of 10,000 trips from and to hospitals. We also covered for them the cost of meals so that they could fully concentrate on their work – saving others.

You can read more about it here.

The safety of our community is always a priority for us. During the pandemic, we have introduced new standards to ensure maximum safety while traveling. Passengers and drivers are asked to wear a mask during the ride. You both have the option to cancel your trip if the other party is not covered. To confirm that drivers are wearing a face shield, we introduced Face Cover Check technology, which only allows to go online after a face mask has been verified. You can also give your feedback about safety in the evaluation of the trip, by paying attention to aspects such as wearing a mask or face shield. This enables us to improve our standards by making everyone jointly responsible.

The safety of drivers who drive on our platform is very important to us. That is why we have provided them with access to thousands of free protective covers, increasing the safety of both drivers and passengers. In addition, independent drivers who operate on our platform were reimbursed for disinfectant purchases and receive financial assistance if they are infected with coronavirus or needed quarantine.

Stay safe!