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Your guide to delivering with Uber Eats

These tips and recommendations from restaurant owners and top delivery partners will help you improve the delivery experience.

Best practice from top partners for completing deliveries

Review details: Double check the details of the drop-off instructions in the app.

Contact consumer: If information is missing, or the recipient isn’t there, contact them through the app at least twice. If the recipient doesn’t answer, leave a message on their voicemail. This makes sure everyone has a good experience.

Wait 5 minutes: If the recipient still doesn’t respond, attempt to call again. It is good to give consumers a moment, because cancelled orders impact restaurants and consumers.

If the consumer is still uncontactable please dispose of the food. Follow the instructions in the app and complete the trip. You will still receive your fare for this delivery. You can do this without negatively affecting your rating.

Be careful: Continued failed deliveries may be considered fraudulent behaviour as indicated by our Community Guidelines and could lead to the permanent deactivation of your account.

Providing door-to-door service

Top partners always check delivery drop-off instructions and do their best to accommodate requests.

If door-to-door drop off isn’t possible, contact the consumer to see if they can collect their order kerbside.

Remember, if you ever have issues with deliveries you can contact our support team who are always available to help.