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Get authorised

Regional New Zealand

The New Zealand government requires all driver-partners using the Uber app hold a Passenger Endorsement card and Certificate of Fitness for their vehicle(s), and download the Logmate app. Here's how you can get the required authorisations as quickly as possible.

Authorisation process overview

What you need to do


Complete the online signup form

Start by completing the driver-partner signup form.


Obtain a P Endorsement and a Certificate of Fitness

You will need to obtain a Passenger (P) Endorsement and a vehicle Certificate of Fitness at an NZTA Agent, like VTNZ, AA, or VINZ. When applying for a COF, please use Uber's TSL number (0315707). Once you receive your P Enforsement, upload an image of the document to your Uber profile.


Download the Logmate App

The NZTA requires you to keep a record of your 'work time' using the Logmate app. 'Work time' includes time driving with the Uber app, as well as all other work-related activities subject to the work time rules.

Steps in detail

Getting authorised

Complete the Sign-up form

To drive with Uber in New Zealand, you’ll need to complete the Driver Partner Sign-up form.

Before you apply for a P Endorsement

When you submit your P endorsement application to an NZTA agent, you will also need to provide a medical certificate completed by a New Zealand registered medical practitioner confirming you are medically fit to drive. This is a requirement to obtain or renew your P endorsement.

Medical certificate

To obtain a medical certificate, visit your doctor and ask them complete a NZTA medical certificate (DL9). You will need to bring a copy of your completed medical certificate with you when you submit your P Endorsement application to an NZTA agent (AA or VTNZ).

Apply for a P Endorsement

Once you have your medical certificate (DL9), you're ready to fill out the P Endorsement application. You can print a P Endorsement application or pick one up at a NZTA agent (AA or VTNZ).


Submit your completed P Endorsement application and medical certificate to an NZTA agent (AA or VTNZ).

The NZTA may require you to provide additional documents, such as proof of your entitlement to work in New Zealand or an International criminal history check as part of the P Endorsement application process. Refer to the section below for details.

P Endorsement additional checks

Right to work confirmation

In order to be a small passenger service driver, you need to have the right to work in New Zealand. The NZTA will confirm this as part of the P Endorsement application process, and in certain circumstances may require you to provide proof of your right to work in New Zealand.

International criminal history check

As part of the P endorsement application process, if you've lived in any one country (apart from New Zealand) for 12 months since the age of 14 you will need to provide to the NZTA a criminal history check for each country you have lived in. In many cases, Uber can help you in obtaining and submitting this documentation to the NZTA. This information is requested on your behalf once you have completed your sign-up form.

Upload to your Uber account

Once you receive your P Endorsement, upload an image of it to your Uber account.

Getting a Certificate of Fitness

A Certificate of Fitness (COF) is a regular check to ensure that your vehicle meets required safety standards for carrying passengers. Go to an approved Agent, like VTNZ, AA and VINZ and provide Uber's TSL (#0315707) to have a COF issued for compliant vehicles.

Some helpful tips about obtaining a COF:
  • If you have a hatchback vehicle or station wagon, you may need to have a means to secure cargo in your boot. Cargo nets are a cost effective solution that can be purchased at auto retailers like SuperCheap Auto and Repco
  • You may need to complete a change of vehicle use form and purchase a child lock safety sticker when you get your COF

Download the Logmate app

In order to become active on the Uber app you need to download the Logmate app. You will receive an email from Logmate inviting you to register for an account under Rasier Operations BV (Uber) once NZTA has approved your P endorsement application and you've obtained a Certificate of Fitness.

On the road

Regulatory requirements

Using Logmate

As a driver-partner you'll need to use Logmate to record your and meet regulatory requirements.


Transport service licence label

If you meet the requirements to drive, Uber will provide you with a Transport service licence (TSL) label that you will need to display in your vehicle when you are driving using the Uber partner app, this will be mailed to you once you have completed the Signup Form.

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