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How to optimise your item replacements

May 12 / New Zealand

Order accuracy is key to a great customer experience. However, we know that sometimes supply chain issues and unexpected demand can lead to items being out of stock when a customer places an order.

When an item isn’t available, the next best thing you can do is replace the original item with something of a similar quality and price. Use the Uber Eats Orders app to select replacements from your catalog.

Tips to ensure a good replacement experience

Customers want to receive good quality replacements that are similar to the original item they ordered. A poor replacement can often create a customer experience that is just as bad as not receiving the item altogether.

There are a few things you can do to improve customer satisfaction with the replacement items they receive:

  1. Use search to find a suitable replacement – If a customer does not select a preferred replacement, the Uber Eats Orders app will show you a list of recommended replacement items. If none of these appear suitable, you can search your entire Uber Eats menu for a better replacement option. 
  2. Expand your Uber Eats range to include more replacement options –  For items that are in high demand or frequently out of stock, we recommend having multiple similar items on your Uber Eats menu so that you can provide a good substitute. For example, consider listing a few different types of milk or different brands of toilet paper.

Top categories for out-of-stock items

In May 2022, the top out-of-stock grocery categories and items were:

  • Household goods, including tissues, toilet paper and paper towels
  • Fruit, such as mandarins and strawberries
  • Meat, in particular chicken breast and sliced ham
  • Bakery items, including sliced bread, crumpets and croissants
  • Ready to eat meals
  • Dairy products, particularly milk, cheese and cream
  • Frozen goods, particularly ice cream and frozen chips

Consider expanding your Uber Eats range in these categories so you can provide your customers with a good replacement option if an item they order is out of stock!