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Four ways to improve order accuracy

May 12 / New Zealand

Ensuring that customers receive all the items they order is a key part of the reliability of any delivery business. When Uber Eats customers receive orders with missing items, it can create a poor experience and make them less likely to order again. 

Order accuracy can lead to higher ratings and improve the overall success of your business—and we want to help you achieve this!

Here are some simple actions you can take to reduce orders with missing items:

1. Keep your stock status up-to-date on Uber Eats

Other partners recommend regular store walks with your tablet to check what’s in stock. You can make updates through the Uber Eats Orders app as you go. If you know an item will be out of stock for a few days, you can mark it out of stock ‘indefinitely’ on Uber Eats until it’s available again. 

2. Deliver items even when they are low on stock

We understand that sometimes, you may choose to save items that are low in stock so that they are available for in-store customers. However, customer loyalty is important for the growth of any business—including in delivery. If demand is high for a particular item, we recommend delivering it until it is no longer available, so that you treat customers on Uber Eats like you would treat in-store customers.

3. Double check the order after it is packed

It’s easy to forget to pick and pack an item when the store is busy! Use the checklist provided in the Uber Eats Orders app to tick off each item as you go and double check the order list after it is packed.

4. Provide a replacement item when something is out of stock

We understand that there can be supply chain disruptions or unexpected spikes in demand, leading to items being out of stock when a customer places an order. When this happens, the next best thing you can do is replace the original item with something of a similar quality and price.