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May 17 / New Zealand

Earn extra money, when and where you want.

We’re excited to announce that taxi drivers will soon be able to accept Uber trip requests on our UberX product. Having launched successfully across the globe, including in New York City and Hong Kong, this feature will be available in Wellington from 18 May, and in Auckland from 25 May.

As an Uber driver-partner, taxi drivers will enjoy:

  • Certainty on bookings with visibility of pick-up distances in advance
  • Alerts on where to drive when it’s busy –  just tap the map to find more trips nearby
  • Additional trips and fares to tap into during waiting times
  • Access to Flex Pay – driver-partners will able to request payments up to 2x a day, to be accessible within 1-2 business days

Contact the Uber support team on +64 9888 0766 for any questions about getting started.

You can also access our rewards programme Uber Pro.

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Legal disclosures

Taxi drivers using the Uber app need to make sure that they clearly display either their own individual TSL (Transport Service Licence) or display the TSL provided by Uber.

What does this mean for existing UberX drivers?

Current Uber driver-partners can rest assured – you’ll continue to enjoy the same Uber experience as before. Taxis on UberX will operate in the same way as UberX rides.


Q: Will taxi drivers using taxis on UberX earn on the meter? Will there be upfront pricing in the app?

In New Zealand, taxi drivers’ earnings will be calculated the same as UberX driver partners’, which is determined by a base fare plus on-trip time and distance.

Passengers will pay the same fare for rides as they have previously on UberX and they’ll receive an upfront price in the app, so they know the fare price before requesting a trip.

Q: Will taxi drivers have the same safety features and functionality that rideshare driver-partners have with UberX and other Uber products?

Taxi drivers will enjoy all of the same safety features available to UberX driver-partners. This includes GPS tracking for every trip, phone number anonymisation, 2-way ratings, 24/7 incident support and the ability to contact emergency services through the Uber app. 

Q: What will the driver experience look like?

Driver-partners will receive trip requests via the Uber app, with GPS routing to the pick-up location alongside the rider’s ratings. Fare payments will be automatically facilitated by the app, to save drivers time after the trip has finished.

Q: Do taxi drivers have the ability to decline trips?

Yes – taxi drivers, just like UberX driver-partners, have the choice to accept or decline a trip request. You will also be able to go online and offline on the app, based on what works with your schedule.

Q: Will taxi drivers be able to receive tips from riders?

Yes – riders are able to tip driver-partners within the Uber app. 

Q: Will taxi drivers be able to rate riders, similar to how riders can rate UberX drivers?

Yes – driver-partners can rate riders, just as riders can rate UberX driver-partners. 

Q: Will taxi drivers need their own individual Transport Service License (TSL) to drive with Uber? 

No – you can either drive under the Uber TSL or your own individual one. You must display either your own individual TSL label or Uber’s TSL in the bottom left-hand corner (passenger side) of your windscreen.

Q: Do taxi drivers need to display in-car signage relating to security cameras?Yes – you must continue to display in-car signage to notify passengers of the presence of security cameras

Q: Do taxi drivers need to remove taxi markings and other branding from vehicles, including vinyls and decals, when taking UberX trips?

No, you don’t need to remove other branding. However, if you have removable signage, you are welcome to take it off if you want.