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We go together for Pride

May 22, 2018 / Europe

Every year, we get the opportunity to stand—and march—with the employees, drivers, and delivery partners who stand with Uber every day. These are just a few members of the LGBTQ+ community who will be joining us on this year’s path to Pride and our larger journey to equality for all.


Regina R., Driver & Delivery Partner

  • Meet Regina

Frank F., Uber Employee

  • Meet Frank

Gabe S., Driver & Delivery Partner

  • Meet Gabe

David H., Uber Employee

  • Meet David

Shane N., Driver-Partner

  • Meet Shane

Billie G., Uber Employee

  • Meet Billie

Roland O., Driver-Partner

  • Meet Roland

Justin O., Driver-Partner

  • Meet Justin

Lee T., Driver-Partner

  • Meet Lee

Jonathan G., Uber Employee

  • Meet Jonathan

Treena C., Driver & Delivery Partner

  • Meet Treena

Glen M., Driver-Partner

  • Meet Glen

Jessica Y., Uber Employee

  • Meet Jessica

Samson W., Uber Employee

  • Meet Samson

Kim A., Uber Employee

  • Meet Kim

Graciella L., Uber Employee

  • Meet Graciella